Newsletter for games through 9-25-22


So our next lineup is due on Oct 4 to play games through Oct 2, but the season ends on October 5. So if we wait until the following Tuesday like normal that’s 6 days to wait while no real stats are accumulating. So, we’ll have our normal lineup due on Oct 4, the real MLB season will end on Oct 5, I’ll do the download on Thursday, Oct 6, and the following MONDAY, 10th the final regular-season lineup will be due. That means you’ll have from Friday, Oct 7, through Monday, Oct 10, to enter your final regular-season lineup. Should be able to start the playoffs on Friday, Oct 14.


Wow, a week without multiple no-hitters….guess we need to focus on the races with a week and a half to go…

AL East: Toronto picked up 2 games in a crucial week by splitting 2 games with the Phillies and then sweeping division-rival Tampa Bay…the Yankees split with Boston and Pittsburgh for a 3-3 week…that would be the Pirates playing the role of spoilers and giving the Jays the boost, although the baseball gods definitely help those who help themselves. A big Jays boost was the start Kevin Gausman turned in on the 21st, striking out 12 batters…

AL Central: Cleveland is imitating reality and is within 1 game of the team that clinched the division, while the Twins are +9 WOR and knocking at the door…The Guardians gained ground to emerge as the clear frontrunner by taking the last game of a head-to-head series and then taking 2 of 3 from both the Chisox and WOR-champ Texas clubs…and Steve can thank Greg Achten and the Angels for sweeping the Twins in a huge boost to the Cleveland efforts..

AL West/Wildcard: Houston has clinched the division and the top seed, so they are playing to avoid digital injuries, but they can still hack up the other races since nobody in a fight wants to take on the best team in the league with the season on the line…but the Rays, who are fighting for relevance, took 2 of 3 and Baltimore, who can finish above .500 and in positive WOR territory, earned a split…Texas holds the top wildcard spot by about 3 games with about 8 to go with the Yankees and Twins currently in the last 2 playoff spots…but Boston is only a half-game behind the Twins and Anaheim would need a strong week, but coming off their 5-2 week has a shot.

NL East: The Mets finally gained on Atlanta but with 8 games to go the 6.5 game lead seems pretty safe…kudos to Andy Somers who, in his last year in the league, has the best WOR in a strong division…the 98 wins that Danny Wildes has racked up would tie him for best in the AL and he seems a sure bet to beat his person best reasons with 99 wins that he had in 2018 and tied in 2019…those last 2 world series appearances are no fluke and this will be his 5th consecutive year in the playoffs…

NL Central: It’s the division nobody can claim as none of the top 3 teams could pull off a winning record last week…the Cardinals gained a half game by going .500, and it was a tough week to draw the Dodgers…they took 2 of 3 from the Padres to extend their lead…Milwaukee caught the Mets on an upswing but still took a game from them, but Josh Clark can thank Raphael Malveaux for keeping the Reds competitive and splitting a 4-game set with the Brewers…Gordie has worked magic with the Cubs but may have run out of juice for the divisional race although the Chicagoans are right in the thick of the wildcard…Milwuakee is only a game and a half back, and this one is going down to the wire…

NL West/Wildcard: A 6-2 week pushed Rick Wynne to 115 wins, officially making this his best season ever and the record-setting 16th times he’s had a 100+ win season…the playoffs are always a crapshoot, and while Kimbrel has been the actual Dodger Achilles’ Heel Rick has slotting in Evan Phillips and his 1.20 ERA as the closer…Colorado is having a phenomenal year at +16 WOR (best in the NL, 2d overall)…if the season ended today, the Mets and Brewers would have the top 2 wildcard spots locked up with 92 and 89 wins, abut then the logjam hits with the Phillies (82 wins), Cubs (81 wins), and Rockies (81 wins) in a dead heat for the final spot…


Brandon Marsh (Anaheim) struck out 4 times (on 9/19/2022 against Seattle) 
Shohei Ohtani (New York (NYM)) struck out 13 batters (on 9/21/2022 against Milwaukee) 
Shane McClanahan (Tampa Bay) struck out 13 batters (on 9/21/2022 against Houston) 
Daulton Varsho (Baltimore) struck out 4 times (on 9/21/2022 against Detroit) 
Jake Cave (Minnesota) struck out 4 times (on 9/22/2022 against Kansas City) 
Alek Manoah (Toronto) struck out 12 batters (on 9/22/2022 against Tampa Bay) 
Christian Arroyo (Texas) kicked 3 errors (on 9/23/2022 against Cleveland) 
Adam Frazier (Seattle) struck out 4 times (on 9/23/2022 against Kansas City) 
Carlos Correa (Minnesota) struck out 4 times (on 9/23/2022 against Anaheim) 
Jo Adell (Anaheim) struck out 5 times (on 9/23/2022 against Minnesota) 
Lance Lynn (Anaheim) struck out 12 batters (on 9/23/2022 against Minnesota) 
Jacob deGrom (New York (NYM)) struck out 12 batters (on 9/24/2022 against Oakland) 
Hunter Brown (Texas) struck out 12 batters (on 9/24/2022 against Cleveland) 
Luke Williams (San Francisco) struck out 4 times (on 9/24/2022 against Arizona) 
Luke Raley (Tampa Bay) struck out 4 times (on 9/25/2022 against Toronto) 
Yordan Álvarez (New York (NYM))  had 5 hits (on 9/25/2022 against Oakland) 

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