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Newsletter for games through 7-21-13


1) Our first drug suspension will take effect next week; Braun will be marked as disabled and unavailable for the rest of the year, and the affected owner will receive a free waiver.

2) Our data service has changed and they now longer automatically combine the stats of minor leaguers who play for multiple teams.  That will require recoding on my part, and in the mean time affected owners will get a free waiver so they can make roster changes to compensate.

3) We will not be conducting random drug tests of ASFBL owners, no matter how much Hugh Brown and Adam Symonds blow the top off the curve 🙂


The short week saw 4 undefeated teams…Zewiske made the most of it for the Brewers, and he’s now +7.5 WOR…Jim Casey’s Giants and Gordon Leckie’s Tigers used the perfect weeks to lengthen leads…John Weerts and Scott Treffer are keeping Adam Symonds from getting too comfortable in the AL West…all 3 teams had winning records….Six AL teams are within 3 games of first, but all are in the East or West divisions…that’s a wildcard showdown in the making…talk about tough breaks, Leo Leckie is +6.5 WOR and still 17.5 games out of first…The Cardinals joined the Pirates in the team-ERA-Under-3.00 club…how does anybody score in the NL central?…The Colorado bullpen is tied with the Cardinal bullpen for fewest % of inherited runners to score at 15%…and with a team ERA of 3.95, they see a lot more runners when they come in…Part of the Pirate pitching success is due to defense; fielders have robbed 115 more outs than they have allowed errors or difficult plays they fail to make…Boston pitchers lead the ASFBL with a combined 921 strikeouts…the Braves only have 671, but a better team ERA…


Max Scherzer of DET had 11 strikeouts against KCR on 7/19/2013
C.J. Wilson of LAA had 10 strikeouts against OAK on 7/19/2013
Raul Ibanez of OAK struck out 4 times against LAA on 7/19/2013
Aaron Hicks of MIN robbed 3 hits against CLE on 7/20/2013
Hiroki Kuroda of TOR had 10 strikeouts against TBR on 7/21/2013
Andrew Albers of MIN had 11 strikeouts against CLE on 7/21/2013



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Newsletter for games through 7-14-2013

This is the only day between April and October that doesn’t have some sort of MLB thing to watch…Thank God for fantasy baseball…

COMMENTS: The NL belonged to Andy’s Nationals and Zewiske’s Brewers…You have to go 6-1 to pick up ground on Wynne’s Braves, but Andy did it…Zewiske is now +7.5 WOR…as a midpoint nod, you’ve gotta be impressed with Jeremy Moore’s Cardinals; they start as one of the best teams in actual baseball, and he’s got them bested by 2.5 games…Nobody gained or lost more than a game in the NL west…It was the week of longshots in the AL…Benedek’s Rays and Stables’ Royals were each 5-2…So was Texas, who crept a game closer to Seattle…Every NL division leader had a winning record, but only Symonds’ Mariners pulled it off in the AL…Every division leader has a positive WOR…Adrian Beltre of Texas had 13 RBI this week…Michael Young of the Phils hit .406 but only scored 1 run last week…Alex Torres of Tampa Bay struck out 21 batters in 8 and 1/3rd last week, all in relief…

In case you missed Andy’s props to Michael, they’re worth re-posting here:

“Gortenberg and I made a big trade today that sent me Robinson Cano.  Before I even knew that Cano had been removed from the game tonight after being hit by a fastball, Mike emailed me and offered to undo the trade if Cano was injured.

This is a classy move on his part, and I wanted to publicly acknowledge Mike’s sportsmanship and class.  Thanks for being a gentleman and an asset to our league!”


Adrian Beltre of TEX had 6 RBI against BAL on 7/8/2013
Adam Wainwright of WAS struck out 4 times against PHI on 7/8/2013
Jayson Werth of WAS had 6 hits against PHI on 7/8/2013
Aaron Hicks of MIN struck out 4 times against TBR on 7/8/2013
Carlos Gonzalez of WAS hit 3 home runs against PHI on 7/10/2013
Yasiel Puig of LAD hit 3 home runs against COL on 7/11/2013
Yasiel Puig of LAD had 8 RBI against COL on 7/11/2013
Matt Harvey of BOS had 10 strikeouts against SEA on 7/11/2013
Jason Bay of SEA struck out 4 times against BOS on 7/11/2013
Kevin Frandsen of PHI had 5 hits against CWS on 7/12/2013
Carlos Gomez of MIL struck out 4 times against ARI on 7/12/2013
Ryan Dempster of NYM had 11 strikeouts against PIT on 7/13/2013
Sam Demel of NYY had 11 strikeouts against MIN on 7/14/2013
Cody Ransom of SDP struck out 4 times against SFG on 7/14/2013

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Newsletter for games through 7/7/2013

COMMENTS: Three teams — Weerts’ Athletics, Wynne’s Braves, and Benedek’s Rays — posted perfect weeks…Moore’s Cardinals inched forward in the NL central, but the big news in the NL was that Casey’s Giants moved 3.5 games in one week to take the lead in the West…Arizona and the Dodgers combined to go 10-3…the top 4 teams in the AL East went 22-4…Symonds’ Mariners went 5-1 but lost ground to the A’s….is it worse to go 5-1 and lose ground, or to go 6-0 and only gain half a game?…Symonds’ masterful managing and the resurgence of the actual Marlins moved the Mariners into first in WOR…Gerety’s Padres and Benedek’s Chisox are two of only eight teams +5 WOR or better…Congalton’s Cub bullpen still leads the ASFBL in inherited runners scoring…Bernacchi’s Bosox pitchers lead the league in strikeouts…Gordon Leckie’s Tigers are a close second…ageless Raul Ibanez hit 5 HR and had 12 RBI, both tops in the league last week…let’s check that guy for a time turner…Hanely Ramirez hit .607…Stephen Fife struck out 15 in 15 and 1/3 innings…bummer he landed on the DL this week…I felt no such sense of loss when Shawn Marcum was disabled…Brewer fielders have taken away 157 hits so far…Twin fielders have only allowed 53 runners on base via error or difficult plays not made…Here’s a scary thought:  Mariner pitchers are due to adjust down a half run as a team…

KEEP IT UP: 28 lineups this week!

Carlos Gomez of MIL struck out 4 times against WAS on 7/1/2013
Madison Bumgarner of MIA had 11 strikeouts against ATL on 7/2/2013
Brandon Phillips of CIN struck out 4 times against SFG on 7/2/2013
Adam LaRoche of BAL struck out 4 times against CWS on 7/2/2013
Stephen Fife of LAD had 11 strikeouts against COL on 7/2/2013
Torii Hunter of DET had 5 hits against TOR on 7/3/2013
Chris Sale of BOS had 12 strikeouts against SDP on 7/3/2013
Jarrod Saltalamacchia of BOS struck out 4 times against SDP on 7/3/2013
Clayton Kershaw of LAD had 11 strikeouts against COL on 7/3/2013
David Price of TBR had 14 strikeouts against HOU on 7/3/2013
Mike Napoli of OAK struck out 4 times against CHC on 7/3/2013
Cliff Lee of SFG had 10 strikeouts against CIN on 7/4/2013
David Ortiz of BOS had 7 RBI against SDP on 7/4/2013
Ivan Nova of NYY had 12 strikeouts against BAL on 7/6/2013
Adam Jones of BAL struck out 4 times against NYY on 7/6/2013
Carlos Quentin of SDP had 5 hits against WAS on 7/6/2013
Ryan Roberts of TBR robbed 3 hits against CWS on 7/6/2013
Jeff Samardzija of CHC had 10 strikeouts against PIT on 7/7/2013

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Newsletter for games through 6-30-13

COMMENTS: In the NL, it was a field day for the second-place teams…the Nats, Pirates, and Giants all gained ground…The Padres 5-1 week made them the big mover in the NL west and they are now within 3.5 games of the Rockies…Baltimore went crazy in the AL East and posted the only perfect record for the week and pitching was the reason; their opponents scored just 12 runs in 7 games…Texas and Anaheim gained inches on the Mariners…The Tigers added a bit of a cushion in the central, but the CWS are a pretty strong +6.5 WOR and the Indians would probably have fared better had they not hit the Oriole  buzzsaw this week…Seattle is threatning Miam’s WOR lead even as the field gets tighter in the AL West…Colorado and the Cubs have the best inherited runner scored percentage in the league…the Pirate team ERA of 2.51 is obscene…Colorado and Boston lead the league in offense, but curiously Colorado has 32 more HR but has scored only 5 more runs…let’s hear it for on-base-percentage…


Rajai Davis of TOR stole 4 bases against TBR on 6/24/2013
Max Scherzer of DET had 12 strikeouts against LAA on 6/25/2013
Matt Wieters of BAL robbed 3 hits against CLE on 6/26/2013
Matt Kemp of LAD struck out 4 times against PHI on 6/27/2013
Yu Darvish of PIT had 13 strikeouts against MIL on 6/28/2013
Matt Harvey of BOS had 14 strikeouts against TOR on 6/28/2013
Cody Ransom of SDP struck out 4 times against MIA on 6/28/2013
Michael Bourn of CWS struck out 5 times against CLE on 6/28/2013
Gordon Beckham of CWS robbed 3 hits against CLE on 6/28/2013
Jeremy Berg of LAA had 11 strikeouts against HOU on 6/28/2013
Tyler Chatwood of COL had 11 strikeouts against SFG on 6/28/2013
Andres Torres of SFG struck out 4 times against COL on 6/28/2013
Giancarlo Stanton of SFG struck out 4 times against COL on 6/28/2013
Marlon Byrd of NYM struck out 4 times against WAS on 6/29/2013
Cliff Lee of SFG had 11 strikeouts against COL on 6/29/2013
Josh Rutledge of COL robbed 3 hits against SFG on 6/29/2013

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