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Opening Day! Newsletter for games through 4-26-2015

BuntingNote the bunting for opening day!  I am pleased to say not a single ASFBL game was delayed due to rioting.

ITEMS OF NOTE:  None of your players should be on the waiver wire and you should have 2 free waivers to start the season.  Let me know if those things are amiss.  From here on out, I should be able to get things done in the morning rather than the afternoon.  These classes I am teaching are having an annoying habit of meeting regularly.

COMMENTS: Kudos to the Marlins with the best WOR in the National League, and a first place spot to boot…the Giants also started well ahead of their actual counterparts…The Brewers are in 4th but have the best WOR in the NL Central…when your real team is doing it with smoke, mirrors, and 3 guys now on the DL, you can sense a rollback coming, but my Mets really limped out of the gate 6 games behind the actual crew…Sure, Mejia is suspended for 80 games and Familia is pitching the best ball of his life, but you get 20 baseball nerd points if you know which one is Jennry and which one is Jeurys…The top 3 WOR teams are all from the NL (SF, Mia, Mil)…4 AL teams are all +3 WOR and none are in first place…yet…Steve Skrovan got out earlier than just about any other owner and mixed up the lineup and is one of those +3 teams….the NL West and AL East are already the tightest divisions, and one good week could send any team from first to last or vice versa…Detroit, San Francisco, and Houston top the power ratings, which are based on team totals of actual stats…St. Louis is 3rd in ASFBL team ERA and Oakland is 4th…10 ASFBL teams have team ERAs under 3.00….Only 3 actual teams are doing that well…The Miami bullpen stranded all 15 runners this week and is the only crew not to have allowed at least 1 inherited runner to score…Baltimore leads the ASFBL in runs scored, which goes a long way to explaining why they are a game out of first…Joey Votto knocked in 21 runs last week, but he scored 22….Keutchel of the Astros has not yet allowed a run in 38.67 innings.

Great start!  Looking forward to next week!


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