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Opening Day Stuff!

On this, our most important secular holiday (baseball season’s opening day), I’ll welcome you to the ASFBL spring training.  Since we don’t start  until a few weeks into the season, the next few weeks are when I try to work out the kinks and get the 1s and 0s into mid-season form.

BIG NEWS: The website has been overhauled.  The new one is up and prototyping; please take a moment and test your login, give it a spin, try to break things.  It’s set up with the last lineup from the last week of last season, so you should have something to fiddle with.  ALL of this stuff will be wiped out on opening day, so don’t enter anything meaningful.  Waive players (and revoke them), enter a bogus trade or two, fiddle with the rotation, play with the lineups (we finally have drag-and-drop capability)!  The curb appeal should be better, the pages more responsive, and under the hood we have switched servers and databases and upgraded the program code into a language Microsoft has not left for dead.  Box scores are the only link that hasn’t been completed yet.

The new site is at:

All he links off of this blog will soon be updated, but use the link above for the test run.  Annoyingly, I’ll be rolling out more changes over the weekend.  Very soon the old website at godaddy ( will be disabled.

COMMUNICATION: The best way to email everyone in the group is  All owner individual emails are available after login.  I’ll try to get direct email blasts through the site directly, but many email systems start to mark the incoming messages as spam.  Hopefully the shift to the new server can avoid that, but that won’t be ready until closer to ASFBL opening day.  New owners should be added but if you get an invite from google it’s safe to accept.  You can, of course, create your own list from the emails listed on the website.

OPENING DAY: Leo and I will use our normal method of consulting the schedule, astrological chart, and witch doctor to announce opening day.  We have 3 new rules changes for the coming year (can trade free waivers, AAA+MLB stats will be combined for MLB players with low AB & IP, 40-man roster expansions), but none will matter for the first week.  Look for announcement soon.


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