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Newsletter for 2012 Opening Day

First, and mostly to plug myself, here are the links to 2 articles on defense that I’ve penned which have come out in the past month.  Neither is directly in use in our league (yet), but each gives some insight into the defensive rankings we use, and especially the “good plays” and “bad plays.”  Each one has a plug for the ASFBL.

Here’s the link to the Baseball Research Journal missive, and here’s where you can find the Baseball Prospectus article.

OPENING OBSERVATIONS:  The most active preseason owner, Jim Casey, shot out of the gate with a +4.5 WOR.  Chuck Ballingal’s actual Dodger club entered the fantasy week with the best actual NL record, and they posted 11 wins, so that should be an interesting race to watch.  Leo’s Cardinals posted a dominating 14-2 mark, matched by Rich Wynne’s Texas team .  Division leaders Baltimore and Cleveland wisely stood pat, and each lead their division.  Al Benedek was able to milk an additional 3.5 wins out of the Miami club and take the lead in the NL East.    Jeremy Moore’s Padre club had an impressive start; they’re in 4th place but have a winning record and a +4 WOR.

FEATS AND FAILURES:  The big trend was the stunning number of big strikeout games the pitchers were able to post early, led by Ross Detwiler’s 18 strikeouts against Houston on April 18tth.

Carlos Pena of TBR had 6 RBI against NYY on 4/6/2012
Joe Mather of CHC struck out 5 times against WAS on 4/7/2012
Reed Johnson of CHC struck out 5 times against WAS on 4/7/2012
CC Sabathia of NYY had 14 strikeouts against TBR on 4/7/2012
Kosuke Fukudome of CWS robbed 3 hits against CLE on 4/9/2012
Derek Holland of TEX had 11 strikeouts against SEA on 4/9/2012
Brandon Beachy of ATL had 12 strikeouts against HOU on 4/10/2012
Barry Zito of CWS had 11 strikeouts against CLE on 4/11/2012
Lance Lynn of STL had 11 strikeouts against CIN on 4/11/2012
Justin Verlander of DET had 10 strikeouts against TBR on 4/11/2012
Yovani Gallardo of MIL had 10 strikeouts against CHC on 4/11/2012
Felix Hernandez of NYY had 12 strikeouts against BAL on 4/11/2012
Colby Lewis of TEX had 13 strikeouts against SEA on 4/12/2012
Cole Hamels of PHI had 12 strikeouts against NYM on 4/13/2012
Logan Ondrusek of CIN had 10 strikeouts against WAS on 4/13/2012
Matt Cain of TBR had 12 strikeouts against BOS on 4/14/2012
Chris Sale of CWS had 13 strikeouts against DET on 4/14/2012
Philip Humber of SFG had 15 strikeouts against PIT on 4/14/2012
Clayton Kershaw of LAD had 13 strikeouts against SDP on 4/15/2012
Bobby Abreu of LAA struck out 5 times against NYY on 4/15/2012
Felix Hernandez of NYY had 13 strikeouts against MIN on 4/16/2012
Wandy Rodriguez of HOU had 11 strikeouts against WAS on 4/17/2012
Lance Lynn of STL had 16 strikeouts against CIN on 4/17/2012
Ross Detwiler of WAS had 18 strikeouts against HOU on 4/18/2012
Omar Infante of MIA had 6 RBI against CHC on 4/18/2012
Jake Peavy of CWS had 14 strikeouts against BAL on 4/18/2012
A.J. Ellis of LAD had 6 RBI against MIL on 4/19/2012
Juan Rivera of LAD had 7 RBI against MIL on 4/19/2012
Juan Rivera of LAD had 6 hits against MIL on 4/19/2012
Matt Kemp of LAD had 6 RBI against MIL on 4/19/2012
Matt Kemp of LAD had 6 hits against MIL on 4/19/2012
Chris Sale of CWS had 16 strikeouts against BAL on 4/19/2012
Raul Ibanez of SEA had 7 RBI against CLE on 4/19/2012
Andre Ethier of LAD had 6 RBI against HOU on 4/21/2012
Vance Worley of PHI had 15 strikeouts against SDP on 4/22/2012

REMINDERS: AAA players will be available starting with next week’s lineup.

Thanks to everyone for a mostly seamless opening day, and good luck to all as we move to the end of our first full month!


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