Quick “Dry Run” update — the majority of lineups weren’t updated by owners, which is not a big deal (nobody really needed to do the dry run), but setting them correctly plus the normal range of first-day hiccups meant that it took me longer to set up the dry run than usual. I did manage to get some games pushed through the system (everything seemed to work well), but then had to delete them all to do this morning’s updates.

WHICH BRINGS US TO THIS MORNING! Break out your digital bunting, today is opening day! Not a single owner will be prevented from entering lineups due to weather!

Quick reminders:

1) The only 4 links you really need to click are for team settings (you’ll get the defaults if you skip it), rosters, lineups, and the “set rotation” link.  Working on a dashboard that shows when everything is good to go, but in the meantime just make sure you have everything set correctly on the rosters, lineups, and rotation links.

2) All waivers from the first week will be cleared for next week, so you can add and drop at will and just waive the players. Then I’ll delete all the waivers. This is easier than coding the program to skip the waivers but only for the first week. Starting next week everyone will get 2 free waivers.

3) No matter who you are, how much experience you have, or what your karmic status is in the number of lives lived or karma points in the current one, your catching situation is better than mine. Freaking Plawecki is on the DL.

4) Lineup deadline is tomorrow nigh, April 17 at midnight. So enter your lineups and then do your taxes 🙂 Results will be posted Wednesday AM. Changes made after midnight will be accepted as a courtesy, but we make no promise that your lineup at midnight won’t be the one used for the games.

5) I may be making random coding changes during the day; let me know if you hit access problems.

Good luck to all this week! May all your hitters swing the bat like Ohtani and may all your pitchers throw the ball like, well, Ohtani.

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