Newsletter for games through 7-8-2012

If you’re like me, these next 2 days are the longest 48 hours of the year…I can make it from November to April, but am receiving no addiction treatments in the middle of July….I’m sure you’ll all be joining me to watch the California College All Stars game on ESPN 3 tonight (isn’t that just the Cal State Fullerton baseball team?)…

WOW!  In the same week…

Jordan Zimmermann of WAS threw a no-hitter against SFG on 7/5/2012

Yovani Gallardo of MIL threw a no-hitter against MIA on 7/2/2012

Melky Cabrera of MIL hit for the cycle against HOU on 7/8/2012

…I think this is the first time in ASFBL history that we’ve ever had 2 no-hitters in the same week, and I’m SURE that it’s the first time we’ve had 2 no-hitters AND a player hit for the cycle in the same week!

SHORT WEEK:  Lineups will be due next Tuesday as normal, with a stat upload on Monday, but we’ll only play the Fri-Monday series.  It is a chance to reset your starting rotation, if you have a inclination to do so.

NAME GAMES: There are 16 different 2-letter acronyms that major league players use in lieu of first names.  See if you can match the last names to this 2-digit list: JC, DJ, JP, AJ, JA, JJ, BJ, RJ, JB, JR, LJ, JJ, DJ, JD, TJ.  Trivia: Who is lone player to use an acronym but not use a “J”?

COMMENTARY: The Atlanta trade strategy may be working’ they were 6-1 last week, best in the NL…The Reds claimed the top spot in the NL central, thanks to picking up 2 games on the Cards this week…the lead is 1…The Yankees just never go away; -7 WOR but a 5-1 record this week (best in the division) and only 4.5 back with half a season to go…Look out for the Twins; 6-1 record was the best in the division, and they’re in striking distance…The Angels trail Texas by 7 games in the west…coincidentally, the Texas WOR figure is 7 games…Seattle posted a winning record…The Mets and Cubs each had a shutout last week…on the other hand, they were each against each other…Philly is +5 WOR, and might gain even more ground if the real team can’t get it together….Toronto moved to within a half game in the AL East; congrats to Hugh for doing a great job in a brutal division….and congrats to Tony, for hanging on to first…


Trevor Plouffe of MIN hit 3 home runs against DET on 7/2/2012
Bryan LaHair of CHC struck out 4 times against ATL on 7/2/2012
Felix Hernandez of NYY had 11 strikeouts against TBR on 7/2/2012
Derek Jeter of NYY had 6 hits against TBR on 7/2/2012
Yovani Gallardo of MIL had 11 strikeouts against MIA on 7/2/2012
Michael Cuddyer of COL had 7 RBI against STL on 7/3/2012
Dexter Fowler of COL had 5 hits against STL on 7/3/2012
Miguel Montero of ARI struck out 4 times against SDP on 7/3/2012
Matt Cain of BOS had 11 strikeouts against OAK on 7/4/2012
Ivan Nova of SEA had 11 strikeouts against BAL on 7/4/2012
Xavier Avery of BAL struck out 4 times against SEA on 7/4/2012
Randy Ruiz of ARI had 6 RBI against SDP on 7/4/2012
Michael McKenry of PIT struck out 4 times against HOU on 7/5/2012
Jon Jay of STL struck out 4 times against COL on 7/5/2012
Wilin Rosario of COL struck out 4 times against WAS on 7/7/2012
Melky Cabrera of MIL had 5 hits against HOU on 7/8/2012

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