Newsletter for games through 5-14-23


The stolen bases are back on track; attempts are a little more frequent than MLB and success rates are slightly lower, but I’ll check those this coming weekend to make sure these aren’t adjustments trying to get to appropriate levels (frequency rates might be, success rates probably aren’t, but I’ll check both out)…and if you haven’t seen the MLB commercial with Dan Vogelbach yet, it’s worth watching and better with the sound off…and Mark Chen has basically ruined cable TV for me ever since he pointed out that I can get the MLB streaming channel for free due to my mobile service…why do I need to watch anything else when I can tune in whatever game I want and have it start whenever I want to sit down and watch it?


It is truly frightening that Ben Leckie has the Rays 3 games better than the actual club…the rest of the AL East is all negative-WOR but it might just be because they have to play the Rays…and the Rays are “only” winning 76% of their divisional games, which is lower than the 81% win rate they have overall…forget the “will Oakland have the worst season in MLB history” storyline, I wanna know if the Rays are going to be the best…Tigers, Guardians, and Twins all had identical 4-2 wins and still sit at the top of the AL central, but the Chisox and Royals have the best WOR…Ben Brockreide’s Rangers had a perfect 7-0 week just as Greg Achten’s Angels stumbled and moved 2.5 games into first in the AL West…and Ben can thank Steve Skrovan who’s Cleveland club swept Anaheim…Angels are still +5 WOR…and I know in my soul John Weerts is going to make something of this Oakland team…+4 WOR so far…Jim Casey is being Jim Casey and had the Astros 5-1 last week…he’s made 18 trades so far…for what might be the first time in ASFBL history I had to make a fix to a lineup submitted by Adam Symonds (I think an old AAA pitcher record got stuck in the rotation schedule or something)…didn’t slow him down, and the final result was a 4-1 record and another week in first place…Danny Wildes has the Braves in second in what looks like a 2-team race so far…and the team with the largest payroll in baseball history plays the team with the smallest payroll in the league over the last decade…so the Mets will probably give up more ground when they hit the Rays next week….nobody in the NL central cracked .500 this week so the Gordon Leckie-run Cubs are still on top with +6.5 WOR and a 4-game lead over Case Cobb and the upstart Pirates…the actual Dodgers are so white-hot it would take Rick Wynne to keep up with them, and he nearly did at 4-2…he’s only a game behind the actual club but trails Mark Druyos and the DBacks by one after they won series against Miami and San Francisco…Giants have the best batting average in the league at .284 and DBacks are third, putting two of the top three teams in the NL West…Dodgers are fifth in runs scored, just behind the Giants….Tampa leads everyone…also have an ASFBL-best 2.94 team ERA…Twins are second at 3.06…Cubs don’t lead anything but are top-5 in all…Dodgers, Cleveland, Tampa, and Atlanta have allowed the fewest HR with 28, 29, 30, and 31 respectively…Dbacks and Phillies have allowed the fewest inherited runners to score, but Tampa and Anaheim have the most saves….best fielding net (hits prevented minus bad plays and errors) go to Toronto, Miami, and Cincinnati in the top 3 spots…Mets and Yankees are both -11…Colton Cowser of the Orioles hit .526 last week in 19 at-bats…also walked 9 times…Ketel Marte scored 10 runs for the DBacks….Manuel Margot of the Chisox hit .385…Bryce Miller of the Mariners turned in 14.67 innings out of the pen and didn’t allow a run…Freddy Peralta of the Braves walked 10 in 10.67 innings but only allowed 1 run to score…Gerrit Cole leads the ASFBL with 80 strikeouts so far…


Miguel Vargas (Los Angeles) struck out 4 times (on 5/9/2023 against Milwaukee) 
Trent Grisham (San Diego) struck out 4 times (on 5/9/2023 against Minnesota) 
Gabriel Arias (Cleveland) struck out 4 times (on 5/10/2023 against Detroit) 
Randy Arozarena (Tampa Bay) struck out 4 times (on 5/11/2023 against New York (NYY)) 
Alex Cobb (San Francisco) struck out 11 batters (on 5/12/2023 against Arizona) 
Casey Schmitt (San Francisco)  had 5 hits (on 5/12/2023 against Arizona) 
Connor Joe (Pittsburgh) struck out 4 times (on 5/12/2023 against Baltimore) 
Aaron Nola (Philadelphia) struck out 11 batters (on 5/12/2023 against Colorado) 
Jesse Winker (Milwaukee) struck out 4 times (on 5/12/2023 against Kansas City) 
Taylor Walls (Tampa Bay) struck out 4 times (on 5/12/2023 against New York (NYY)) 
Wil Myers (Cincinnati) struck out 4 times (on 5/13/2023 against Miami) 
Jorge Mateo (Baltimore) hit 6 RBI (on 5/14/2023 against Pittsburgh) 
Christopher Morel (Chicago (CC)) struck out 4 times (on 5/14/2023 against Minnesota)

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