Week #3: Newsletter for games through 4-30-23


Cal. State Fullerton is one of the 3-4 largest campuses in the western US, and it’s Senate Forum is a publication of the Academic Senate, which is the body that governs the 50,000+ person campus. The point is to discuss important higher education and campus issues to get a dialogue running in advance of major decisions. Which must have made it seem a little unusual to their readership that our ASFBL fantasy baseball newsletter was published there last week…but, encouragingly, none of those 50,000 people seemed to notice (or, I prefer to think, they were simply enraptured by the hot start of the Chicago Cubs)…anyway, I’ve re-posted the newsletter back on our site, where it belongs…Boy, I’m I messing it up with Paul Block…failed to identify him as a newcomer owner in week #1, and posted his accomplishments on the wrong website in week two…fortunately, I have one more strike to work with…tip of the cap this week goes to Greg Achten’s Angels, sitting +6 WOR and atop both the WOR standings and the AL west…the 6-1 week was best in the ASFBL and puts him 3.5 games over Texas and Houston…and that division has no slouches; the worst WOR is -1…Greg has only made 2 roster-tweak trades, so he’s doing it with lineup artistry…and he’s put Mike Trout on the trading block…in the NL Mark Druyos had 6-0 week and moved to the top of the NL west, ousting the mighty Dodgers and staying well ahead of the Giants despite Pat Walsh’s impressive +3.5 WOR…the Dodgers will get a shot in the arm when it stops raining long enough for Verlander to get a chance to pitch again…Danny Wildes had a 6-1 week with the Braves to move into a second-place tie in the NL East…Adam Symonds still holds the top spot and is +4 WOR…and is getting Bryce Harper back…Gordo Leckie still has the Cubs on the top of the NL central and went 4-2 last week, but Casey Cobb’s upstart Pirates went 5-1 and the actual club remains on fire…If you all will forgive a real-life digression, is there anything cooler than watching the Tampa Bay-Pirate series and watching the small clubs duke it out for the best record in baseball?…speaking of which, Tampa, Toronto, and Baltimore all had 5 wins last week…4 of the 5 teams in the AL east have winning records…I’m betting Mark Yee’s Yankees aren’t the odd team out by the end of the year…Tim Walsh and Steve Skrovan have started their annual game of see-saw as they trade spots atop the AL central…separated by half a game at present…Mike Mendoza has the Royals at +4 WOR, 2d in the AL, and is going to have an impact on the divisional race before it’s over…the Vegas/Oakland Athletics are struggling this year, but John Weerts owns the rights to Brent Rooker who is tearing it up in the MLB and ASFBL…hit .536 for the fantasy club last week…5 homers….as a side note, I’m running a side passion project that’s a musical set to run in August, and the cast are making it impossible to figure out what their first and last names are…why did your parents do this to me, Cameron Connor, Miles Henry, and Jordyn Brady?…I mention this because I will never figure out the correct first name of Connor Joe or Joe Connor or whoever he is…


Marcus Semien (Texas) struck out 5 times (on 4/24/2023 against Cincinnati) 
Brian Serven (Colorado) struck out 4 times (on 4/24/2023 against Cleveland) 
Spencer Strider (Tampa Bay) struck out 12 batters (on 4/24/2023 against Houston) 
Kevin Gausman (Toronto) struck out 11 batters (on 4/24/2023 against Chicago (CWS)) 
Ozzie Albies (Atlanta) hit 6 RBI (on 4/25/2023 against Miami) 
Kevin Smith (Oakland) struck out 4 times (on 4/26/2023 against Anaheim) 
Shea Langeliers (Oakland) struck out 4 times (on 4/26/2023 against Anaheim) 
Jason Delay (Pittsburgh)  had 5 hits (on 4/27/2023 against Los Angeles) 
Joey Gallo (Minnesota) struck out 4 times (on 4/28/2023 against Kansas City) 
Jace Peterson (Oakland) struck out 4 times (on 4/28/2023 against Cincinnati) 
Spencer Strider (Tampa Bay) struck out 11 batters (on 4/29/2023 against Chicago (CWS)) 
Taylor Motter (St. Louis) struck out 4 times (on 4/29/2023 against Los Angeles) 
Jason Vosler (Cincinnati) struck out 4 times (on 4/29/2023 against Oakland) 
Brian Serven (Colorado) struck out 5 times (on 4/30/2023 against Arizona) 
Clayton Kershaw (New York (NYM)) struck out 12 batters (on 4/30/2023 against Atlanta)

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