World Series Wrap up 2022


My favorite book, dating to high school, is the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, which famously suggested that the universe is governed by the forces of randomness as much as anything else (which explains a lot about baseball, IMHO), and that the ultimate answer to everything was 42…so imagine my excitement when the Brewers won games 1-3 by the identical score of 4-2…what are the odds against a 4-game sweep where every game ends with the same score, and that score is 4-2? But Houston would not have it, and they took the next 2 games 4-3 and 3-2, which are close and exciting games, and tantalizingly close to 4-2, but not quite…the decisive game was a slugfest with all the runs charged to the starters (7 for Sandoval, 8 for Beiber, both trade aquisitions), but the bats abruptly stopped after the 6th and neither bullpen gave up a run….Urias and Mitchell ended up 7-7 at the top of the order, and the best outcome of all was that Mike Trout won a fantasy World Championship….

Jim Casey has over 2,000 lifetime ASFBL wins in a career that started in 1995…it wasn’t until 2000 that he started making noise, when he won the WOR championship with the Cubbies…by 2011 he had won the world championship with the Giants…he topped 100 wins every year between 2009-2011, and matched his career high with 102 wins this year…this year marks his 6th consecutive playoff appearance which have included three LCS appearances and this trip to the World Series…he’s repeatedly and honestly suggested the ASFBL hold face-to-face winter meetings, which sounds at least as much fun as it is logistically difficult, but the fact that he came up with the idea speaks volumes about where his heart is…27 years is quite a run, Jim, and we’ll see again in the spring!

Chris Zewiske entered the league in 2001 with the Padres and has been running the Brewers ever since…he took 4th place WOR in 2002 with +14 wins over the actual team and — get this — only 70 wins…he’s transformed the Brew Crew into an ASFABL jauggernaut and been in the playoffs 5 of the last 6 years, including two LCS apperances and this year’s World Championship…2002 marks his FIRST EVER world championship and his second-highest win total in 19 seasons…the +2 WOR doesn’t seem that impressive until you consider how good the actual team was…when the Brewers were less competitive in 2013 he finish +14 WOR…if I’m reading his legal bio correctly, he joined the ASFBL one year after passing the bar and has been named a “Super Lawyer” each of the past 2 years, which no doubt help his trade negotiating skills…great to see you don the champion’s crown just shy of 2 decades, Chris, and you truly have had a season to be proud of!


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