After going up 2-1 the Cubs lost two to the Brewers to put them on the brink, but they stormed to a 10-1 win in game six in a game Matt Mervis hit 2 homers to force the decisive game 7. Corbin Burns cooled the Cub bats off and homers by Trout and Mitchell provided just enough offense for the Brewers to take the series in seven. Chris Zewiske has managed 7 more playoff wins for Trout this season than the Angels have during his career. Gordon Leckie finishes a phenomenal season, grabbing the last wildcard spot in the final week and taking two series before falling in seven games. Gordie got into the league in 1994 through his connection with Leo and brought in 2014…after a 61-win season in his first year he was the league champ in 1995 and he’s not missed the playoffs in consecutive seasons since 2001-2005…after 25 seasons, his best 2 WOR seasons are his last two…a true Midwesterner, he’s managed both the Cubs and Chisox and ran the Tigers for a decade between 2006 and 2016…you’re an ASFBL fixture, Gordon, and congrats on another great season!


The Astros only scored 2 runs in game 1 but they were enough behind Framber Valdez; the Jays scored 9 runs in game 2 but that wasn’t enough as the Astros scored in double-digits…after 3 games the Jays had lost them all but by a total of only 4 runs, and in game 4 Houston completed the sweep behind 6 strong innings from Joe Musgrove and a 3-inning save by Brandon Eisert…Starling Marte homered…John MacDonald played his first ASFBL season in 1999 and is unique in that he’s taken breaks between 2002-2005 and 2015-2016….he won championships in 2001 and 2006 to bookend the first break …that makes him the only player in ASFBL history to win a championship, take a hiatus, and win the championship again immediately upon return…he’s made the playoffs each of the past 3 seasons…and this year is his best finish since the world championship in 2006…when your email is “JohnnyMacLives4Sports” you know that he’s a student of the game…always an active owner and always putting competitive teams out there, you bring a lot to the league, and I look forward to seeing you next season, John!


Astros host by virtue of having a better record, and I’ll ask Chris and Jim to get their lineups in by tomorrow. As soon as we have confirmation from both of them that the lineups are ready I’ll run the games and we’ll wrap the season.


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