Newsletter for games through 5-22-2022


Just a little more about the Oakland A’s last week…they played NINE games in SEVEN days…John Weerts managed to use three #5 starters, finish the week with nobody over 130% usage, and win four games…DBacks and White Sox each played 8 games this week…Arizona went 5-3 and the Chisox split the games…sort of a side note, but I support all the rules changes of the Savannah Bananas, but most especially the one where a batter is out if a fan catches a foul ball… Toronto beat Seattle 29-0 on the 16th…it was bad but reasonably normal until a badly over-used Justus Sheffield gave up 11 runs in 2/3rds of an inning…gotta watch those over-use figures…every Blue Jay had 3 or more hits…Manoah went the distance for the shutout…the blowout didn’t burn up the Blue Jay bats too much, and they won 3 of the next 4 games…speaking of blowouts, the actual Cardinals beat the Pirates 18-4 on May 22…the fantasy Cardinals beat them 15-4 on May 21…Pirates had the upper hand 10-1 the day before, though…Brewers had the best record in the NL this week…Giants crawled into a dead tie in the NL west against the Dodgers…Dodgers are tied with the Mets for the best NL record over the last 20 games…the AL East went nuts this week; Boston and New York were both 6-1, and Tampa went 5-1…the entire division was 22-11…Twins were the only team to run the table and vaulted themselves 3.5 up in the AL central…Cleveland is an impressive +3.5 WOR, just behind Boston and Anaheim…I’m voiding Greg Achten’s ASFBL land deal around ASFBL Anaheim stadium due to probably financial impropriety…the Angels are 16-4 over their last 20 games, best in the ASFBL, and are undefeated in inter-league play…as an annual tradition, Greg and I meet for an Angels game in July, where we typically trade our best players to each other than the immediately get season-ending injuries…which should give hope to the rest of the AL…


Raimel Tapia (Toronto)  had 6 hits (on 5/16/2022 against Seattle) 
Alek Manoah (Toronto) struck out 12 batters (on 5/16/2022 against Seattle) 
Nathan Lukes (Toronto)  had 5 hits (on 5/16/2022 against Seattle) 
Justin Steele (Chicago (CC)) struck out 12 batters (on 5/16/2022 against Pittsburgh) 
Ronald Acuna Jr. (Atlanta) stole 3 bases (on 5/16/2022 against Milwaukee) 
Trey Mancini (Arizona) hit 6 RBI (on 5/16/2022 against Los Angeles) 
Wil Myers (San Diego) struck out 4 times (on 5/17/2022 against Philadelphia) 
William Contreras (Atlanta) struck out 4 times (on 5/18/2022 against Milwaukee) 
Ozzie Albies (Atlanta) struck out 5 times (on 5/18/2022 against Milwaukee) 
Eric Lauer (Milwaukee) struck out 11 batters (on 5/18/2022 against Atlanta) 
Shane McClanahan (Tampa Bay) struck out 12 batters (on 5/18/2022 against Detroit) 
Kevin Smith (Oakland) struck out 4 times (on 5/18/2022 against Minnesota) 
Trevor Story (Boston) struck out 4 times (on 5/18/2022 against Houston) 
Eric Hosmer (San Diego) struck out 4 times (on 5/19/2022 against Philadelphia) 
Eugenio Suarez (Seattle) struck out 4 times (on 5/19/2022 against Boston) 
Leody Taveras (Texas) struck out 4 times (on 5/19/2022 against Houston) 
Michael Chavis (Pittsburgh) hit 6 RBI (on 5/20/2022 against St. Louis) 
Aaron Judge (St. Louis) hit 3 homers (on 5/21/2022 against Pittsburgh) 
Eli White (Texas) struck out 4 times (on 5/21/2022 against Houston) 

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  1. Rick Wynne

    It should be noted that Trey Mancini’s 6 RBI vs my Dodgers on 5/16 included a game winning Grand Slam in the 9th vs newly activated David Price, the Dodgers new set up man to turn a 5-2 Dodger lead into a 6-5 DBacks win.

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