World Series results: Braves are the champs!

The Chisox were on a white-hot tear and hadn’t lost a single playoff game going into the series…where they traded gut-punches for the first 3 games, losing in a game they allowed 10, winning while scoring 9, losing while giving up 8. In a decisive game 4, the Braves got 7 scoreless innings out of the bullpen combination of Minter, Dayton, and Webb, and in the final game of the series Fried out-dueled Keuchel 2-1…of owners with 1,000 games, Leo Leckie has the 3rd best winning percentage all-time, behind only Rick Wynne and Micahel Gortenburg…He’s been in the league since 1994, won it all in 2008, has been in the top 10 of either WOR or the playoffs for every year since 2004…turned in a +29 WOR in his second year in the league…he’s been a great friend for 3 decades and there is no way I could do this without him…great year for a great guy.

Danny Wildes is our new champ! He’s got 100 more wins than losses lifetime…this is is 14th season and he’s only getting better…after making the playoffs in 3 of his first 6 years he’s been in top-WOR spots or the playoffs for 7 of the past 8 seasons…after enduring through a truly wretched Atlanta team in 2016 (actual team had 69 wins) he turned the corner, posted 99 wins in 2018 and 2019 and won it all this year! His 42 wins gave him a stunning 70% win percentage this year and he made 2 early trades that netted him DJ LaMahieu who scored half the runs in the final game…great to have Danny in the league for so long, and great to see him do so well. Good luck defending your title next year, Danny!

That’s a wrap on the season…thanks to all of your for patience and energy during the strangest season this league or the real one has ever seen. I’m excited that the new system has made such progress and it will be awfully fun to play things out for an entire schedule next year. Thanks for helping me pass the time during the lockdown, and let’s enjoy the rest of the playoffs MLB has for us. See you all next spring!

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  1. Rick Wynne

    Thanks Jon for another great season ! I can still remember how I felt when it looked like ASFBL was going to end and to this day I can remember the office I was in when I read the grim news. I am so very thankful for the resurrection of ASFBL from those ashes that were still hot when news arrived that, no, there would be no work stoppage and that there is no crying in baseball. Congrats to Danny on his first championship and to Leo for making it to the World Series, no small feat. It has been 17 years since I won it all and that keeps me hungry for another taste of that ultimate victory.

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