DCS results!


The Dodgers dropped the first game and then won 3 of the next 4 before the Wunderkid Padres snuck past in the last 2. Rick Wynne is a league fixture, the all-time winningest manager by about 500 games, highest lifetime winning percentage for anyone with more than one season, has made the playoffs for 23 straight seasons, six World Series appearances and three championships. There’s little doubt he’s the best manager in league history, and if there is ever an ASFBL Hall of Fame he’s entry #1. More than all that, he’s got a calm demeanor, a big heart, a great singing voice, and I genuinely believes he makes trades designed to make both teams better. It really seemed like he was destined to take it all this year, but sometimes the random numbers don’t come up in your favor. He’s made more sage and friendly suggestions to improve the game than anyone. Thanks for another great year, Rick!


The mighty Atlanta pitching held the Cubbies to no more than a single run in any game, and the bats showed up enough to keep the leads comfortable. Gordon is part of the Leckie Family Dynasty and has 300 more wins than losses over 26 seasons. He won it all with the Chisox in 1995 and is a Chicago guy down to his bones. He’s made the playoffs 12 times including this year and has finished in plus-WOR ground 7 of the last 8 seasons. I’m just sayin’, 11 years before I had my son and 9 years before I got married I’ve known Gordie…the baseball ties that bind are strong. Looking forward to next year, Gordie!


Baltimore was the only non-MLB-playoff standing in the final 8, and they wouldn’t go without a fight. They made it to game 7 when the bats finally ran out of gas and they lost 3-0 when Buxton hit a 2-run homer and the Twins never relinquished the lead. Mark Chen has turned in 18 ASFBL seasons and over 2,700 games…he made the playoffs in 2 of his first 10 years but 6 of his last 8, including the World Series in 2017 and a WOR championship in 2018. This was an inspiring season as Mark got more out of less than any other owner. Thanks for your time in the league, Mark, and looking forward to another season with Orioles next year!


The White Sox pitching core held the Jays to 3 runs in 4 games, including 3 straight shutouts. That ended a great season for John MacDonald, who finished his 16th ASFBL season. More than any other owner he’s been in and out of the league and skippered 8 different teams…while Mark Chen has been with Baltimore throughout, Johnny Mac is just a fan of the game…he won it all in 2006 and has been in the top-8 WOR spots four times…he’s getting better with time and has been in plus-WOR territory for 8 of the last 9 years. Don’t know what team will catch your fancy next year, John, but I’m glad you’ll be at their helm.

LCS is up next; Chisox at Twins, Braves at Padres (this year, the higher seed and not the better record determine home field). Owners, please get me your lineups by Friday night. Good luck to our final four!

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