Playoffs — AL wild-card run-offs

The set up: There are 2 sudden-death games, and the winner advances to the wildcard round to take on the Rays.  Unlike MLB, the wildcard round is a 5-game series.
As the team ahead in the tiebreakers, Steve Skrovan of Cleveland has selected “C” and will sit out the first game and visit the winner of A/B.  Mark Yee of the Yanks has selected “A” and will host John Weerts’ Oakland squad in game #1.
  • Real-life playoff stats do not count.
  • ASFBL statistics will continue to accumulate through the playoffs. There will be a 2-day break between the last game of the regular season and the start of the playoffs (except for the crazy wildcard runoff, which will follow MLB rules).
  • There will be 2 wildcard spots in each league. The wildcard round will be 5 games and follow a 2-2-1 format with off days in between. All other rounds are 7 games following a 2-2-1-1-1 format with off days in between.
  • Regular season statistics will NOT be cleared and will continue to accumulate, with the exception of the over-use factors, which will be frozen at their final regular season figures. For example, a pitcher over-used at 145% on the last day of the regular season will have an over-use factor of 145% for all of the playoff games, but all other statistics will continue to accumulate.
  • A three man rotation may be used in the playoffs. There will be a fatigue adjustment for playing on three days’ rest.

GAME #1: Yankees 4, Oakland 1.

The Yankees went into this series the hottest ASFBL team, kind of by a lot..the A’s lamented needing to go to their fifth starter…Brett Anderson gutted out 6 innings but gave up 4 runs, with Urshela and LeMahieu each knocking in a pair…the Yanks took a page from the Rays playbook and mixed up the bullpen, with Chapman coming in early and Severino coming in to close.

No matter how you slice it, John Weerts had a great year…he’s now got a lifetime above-.500 winning percentage in nine ASFBL seasons, and has finished in top-10 WOR every year between 2015-2018…this season marks his first playoff appearance, which is an important milestone in a really competitive division…he’s been inthe league since 2010, and I have yet to hear his first complaint…he brings a lot to the league with his attentiveness and saavy moves, and his 13 or so trades really revamped his roster in a way that way fun to follow…looking forward to seeing you next year, John!

GAME #2: Cleveland 5, New York 1

The game was scoreless through 7 when Cleveland led 1-0 going into the 9th, with Clevinger and King locked up for a pitcher’s duel.  The Tribe erupted for 4 runs in the top of the 9th off of Zach Britton; Santana and Bogaerts each had a 2-run shot.  Clevinger came out for the bottom of the 9th but gave way after 127 pitches to Wittgren who sealed the deal.  The Yankees incredible run has finally come to an end, but Mark Yee has nothing to hang his head about.  The torrid 24-6 run was huge and after a season of struggling they turned it on when it really mattered.  This year marked Yee’s 4th playoff appearance in 5 years, and 9th playoff apppearance overall.  He has a lifetime +.500 record after almost 4,000 games, and has a penchant for wildcard appearances which account for 5 of the 9 playoff showings.  One of the original members of the league since 1992, Mark has an incredible 27 years in the league.  It’s been another great one, Mark, and it’s always great to have you playing with us!

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