Newsletter for games through 7-1-2018

HAPPY JOSH CLARK’S BIRTHDAY!  An event so monumental that our nation’s founders had the foresight to declare independence from England on the same day…He celebrated with a winning week that pushed his Marlins out of last place, a spot now occupied by my Mets…although I’m tied for the third-best WOR in the NL…the Nationals made the big push of the week in the division, claiming a 5-1 finish and moving to within a half game of the Braves…The Cubs went 6-1 to push the Brewers, who themselves had 4 wins on the week…a big reason was Jose Ramirez, who carried them with 6 HR…the DBacks went 6-1 to assert control in the NL west….big news in the AL is that the Indians had the only perfect record (6-0), the only winning record in their division, the only winning week in their division, and now own the biggest lead of any first-place team…Seattle went 5-2 in the west and although they are 6.5 back are within striking distance as we close in on the break…and although they are in 4th place in the west have a winning record and are closer to first than the second-place team in the AL central…Aaron Hicks hit .519 for them and stole 4 bases…the Nationals would be leading 4 other divisions….Tony Bernacchi is looking serious about holding on to the AL East…Davis and Lowrie each hit better than .400 for the Oakland club last week, which posted a winning record…Eugenio Suarez of the Reds had 15 RBI last week…Jesse Winker of Detroit knocked in 8 runs last week…also drew 8 walks…Eight trades last week, and few of them seemed like roster dumps…nobody threw more fantasy innings last week than Mike Foltynewicz, who struck out 28 in 18 innings…but Freddy Peralta of the Brewers struck out 19, and did it in only 16 innings…

I think this means we have had more cycles than no-hitters this year, while the former is supposed to be the less common occurrence, but Johan Camargo of the Braves still had a pretty special day against the Reds on 6/27/2018….


Jed Lowrie of OAK had 5 hits against DET on 6/25/2018
Shawn Armstrong of SEA had 10 strikeouts against BAL on 6/25/2018
Jacob deGrom of NYM had 13 strikeouts against PIT on 6/25/2018
Mike Foltynewicz of ATL had 12 strikeouts against CIN on 6/25/2018
Mike Zunino of SEA struck out 4 times against BAL on 6/26/2018
Jabari Blash of LAA struck out 4 times against BOS on 6/26/2018
Eugenio Suarez of CIN hit 3 home runs against ATL on 6/26/2018
Eugenio Suarez of CIN had 6 RBI against ATL on 6/26/2018
Freddy Peralta of MIL had 16 strikeouts against KCR on 6/26/2018
Josh Reddick of HOU robbed 3 hits against TOR on 6/26/2018
Jake Marisnick of HOU had 6 RBI against TOR on 6/26/2018
Adam Plutko of CLE had 11 strikeouts against STL on 6/26/2018
Chris Sale of BOS had 15 strikeouts against LAA on 6/27/2018
Jabari Blash of LAA struck out 4 times against BOS on 6/27/2018
Starling Marte of PIT struck out 4 times against NYM on 6/27/2018
Kevin Gausman of BAL had 10 strikeouts against SEA on 6/28/2018
Tom Murphy of COL struck out 4 times against SFG on 6/28/2018
Edwin Jackson of WAS had 14 strikeouts against PHI on 6/28/2018
Blake Snell of TBR had 12 strikeouts against HOU on 6/28/2018
Albert Almora of CHC had 5 hits against MIN on 6/29/2018
Tyler Anderson of NYY had 11 strikeouts against BOS on 6/29/2018
Max Scherzer of WAS had 10 strikeouts against PHI on 6/29/2018
Luis Severino of MIL had 10 strikeouts against CIN on 6/29/2018
Jesus Aguilar of MIL had 6 RBI against CIN on 6/29/2018
Shane Bieber of CLE had 12 strikeouts against OAK on 6/30/2018
Matthew Boyd of CIN struck out 4 times against MIL on 6/30/2018
Mike Foltynewicz of ATL had 16 strikeouts against STL on 6/30/2018
Joe Musgrove of PIT had 10 strikeouts against SDP on 6/30/2018
Cory Spangenberg of SDP struck out 4 times against PIT on 6/30/2018
Tyler Skaggs of LAA had 12 strikeouts against BAL on 7/1/2018
Freddy Peralta of MIL had 13 strikeouts against CIN on 7/1/2018
Corey Kluber of CLE had 11 strikeouts against OAK on 7/1/2018


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