Newsletter for games through 5-27-18


Blake Snell of the Rays threw a no-hitter against Boston on May 23, first day of the fantasy week.  No walks, no hit batters, and soiled only by the Daniel Robertson error.  He out-dueled David Price and gave a shot in the arm to start the week.  I’m not saying that I, personally, caused this fantasy stardom, but Snell was the starting pitcher when Alan Minsky and I watched the Rays play the Angels a couple of weeks ago…100% of the Ray starting pitchers Alan and I have seen perform in person have now thrown fantasy no-hitters…


Big week for the Brewers!  Their 6-1 was best in the NL…ASFBL behemoths Andy Somers’ and Rick Wynne each crept foward at 5-1 and 4-2 respectively…Philly also finished strong and held on to the top spot…the Padres hit a bump but are still at +4 WOR, still tops in the NL…the bottom 3 teams in the NL west all gained ground…the Braves are a scant 1 game out…Arizona maintains its lead on the basis of a strong +3 WOR…The AL was ruled by the Tigers, who broke through at 5-1, have the only winning record in the actual or ASFBL AL central…Oakland continued its impressive season with a winning record, another week in first place, and a +5 WOR…Bosox and Yanks matched pace at 4-2 each…Balitmore still leads everyone in WOR…CWS and Royals are both in positive WOR territory in a wide-open division…Luis Severino of the Brewers is an incredible 10-0…Verlander is 9-2…Sale, Wacha, and Beeks also have lots of wins (8, 7, 6) but not losses…Shohei Ohtani is 6-1 as a pitcher…Hicks (Cards) and Kimbrel (Boston) each have 17 saves…only 14 pitchers have double-digit saves…none more impressive than Morrow of the Cubs, 15 saves in 16.33 innings…has yet to allow an earned run…


In 1987, in the time before ASFBL, I played in my first fantasy league and spent a semester skimping on coursework to code the first simulation on my room-mate’s computer.  That sim was the earliest predecessor to the ASFBL and all stats were entered by hand from the Sunday paper.  I had managed to draft a team heavy on setup relievers and bad at everything else, and having watched myself fall behind by 3 or more runs before the third inning on a fairly consistent basis I decided I’d just start my short relievers and try to stay in the game as long as I could.   It was a fun thing to try in a simulation but obviously unrealistic.   And, of course, it’s exactly what the Rays are now doing with their real club.


Dansby Swanson of ATL struck out 4 times against PHI on 5/21/2018
MIA and NYM played 14.5 innings on 5/21/2018
SDP and WAS played 14.5 innings on 5/22/2018
David Fletcher of LAA hit for the cycle against TOR on 5/22/2018
Curtis Granderson of TOR struck out 4 times against LAA on 5/22/2018
Derek Dietrich of MIA had 5 hits against NYM on 5/22/2018
Yuli Gurriel of HOU robbed 3 hits against SFG on 5/22/2018
Jake Marisnick of HOU robbed 3 hits against SFG on 5/23/2018
Max Scherzer of WAS had 11 strikeouts against SDP on 5/23/2018
Kyle Freeland of COL had 11 strikeouts against LAD on 5/23/2018
Max Muncy of LAD struck out 4 times against COL on 5/23/2018
Justin Verlander of HOU had 11 strikeouts against CLE on 5/24/2018
Jackie Bradley of BOS struck out 4 times against TBR on 5/24/2018
Mike Foltynewicz of ATL had 10 strikeouts against BOS on 5/25/2018
Jacob deGrom of NYM had 12 strikeouts against MIL on 5/25/2018
Ross Stripling of LAD had 10 strikeouts against SDP on 5/25/2018
Franchy Cordero of SDP struck out 4 times against LAD on 5/25/2018
Xander Bogaerts of BOS struck out 4 times against ATL on 5/26/2018
Brandon Belt of SFG hit 3 home runs against CHC on 5/26/2018
Brett Gardner of COL struck out 4 times against CIN on 5/27/2018
CIN and COL played 14.5 innings on 5/27/2018
Mike Zunino of SEA struck out 4 times against MIN on 5/27/2018


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