World Series Wrapup

GAMES: The upstart Baltimore Orioles were facing a Washington team that had run the NL playoffs rolling off 8 wins without a loss…and utterly unintimidated, they took the first two games, in Washington, allowing only 5 runs in 18 innings….the Nationals got the wake-up call and won 3 straight, ending with a 2-0, 4-hit shutout that Alberts closed with 2 strikeouts in 2 perfect innings of work…Baltimore took game 6, with Chen beating Scherzer in a 4-HR efforts (and with fantasy imitating reality a little bit)…that set up a decisive game 7, where the Nats got a complete game shutout from Strasberg and homers from Zimmerman and Murphy to claim the championship.  With Strasberg, Murphy, and Zimmerman carrying the load in the final week, it was a clear reminder that sometimes the best deals are the ones you don’t make 🙂

Mark Chen has been in the league since 2002 and managed the Orioles every year, making the playoffs each of the last 5….he put up a +20 WOR his 4th year in the league, and took his first World Series appearance to 7 games to close off a mad, dark horse run.  He’s always got a good word to share on email and seems to genuinely have fun every year.  Congrats on another fine season, Mark!

Andy Somers joined on in 2010 and has made the playoffs in every season he’s been in the league…in Nuke LaLouche fashion he has announced his presence with authority, winning his 3rd League Championship since he’s been here and his 3rd in 5 years…he’s never had a season with fewer than 89 wins…and he’s a guy who always seems genuinely interested in trades that make both teams better.  Someday, Andy, you’ll have to explain to me how my game works so that I can give you a little competition in the division 🙂

That’s a wrap on a great season…THANK YOU to all of you for helping to share my crazy idea, and a special thanks to Leo for keeping all the gears run and the wheels from falling off.  Couldn’t do it without it, friend.

Enjoy the rest of the actual playoffs, and we’ll see you next spring!



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