2017 LCS results

WASHINGTON DOES IT WITH PITCHING: The National pitching held the mighty DBack offense at or under 3 runs in 3 games….game one took 10 innings, but Strasberg pitched the bookends…Scherzer gave up 6 runs in game three but the Nationals tagged Greinke for 8 runs, with Castellanos hitting a triple and a homer…don’t want to jinx anything, but Andy is 8-0 in the playoffs, and I’m pretty sure nobody has ever finished 12-0…

I could burn all the internet bandwidth talking about Rick Wynne, his accomplishments, and what he’s meant to the league…won his first World Series championship in 1994….made the playoffs 16 of the last 17 years….never; I’ll repeat that; NEVER had a negative WOR finish and he’s been in the league since 1993…leads the ASFBL all-time in wins and WOR…best lifetime winning percentage for anyone who’s played more than a single season (Michael Gortenburg and he are the top 2 all-time in that category)…but most of all, he always makes you feel good, generally has something uplifting to say, and keeps an engaging hobby fun.  Another great season, Rick!

ORIOLES ARE THE DARK HORSE: As of this writing, the actual Astros face an upstart team from the AL East…which bodes well for the Yankees if the ASFBL playoffs are an indication…Houston took game 1 and was generally able to score, but the Orioles just never stopped scoring runs, putting up 12 in game two and 12 in the decisive game five…they averaged 7.6 runs over 5 games…with JJ Hardy batting 9th and Adam Jones batting first the duo combined to go 7-8 in the final game.

Jim Casey is one of only 11 owners to win 1,500 games or more lifetime…his lifetime 72.5 WOR puts him fourth….he had back-to-back World Series appearances in 2010 and 2011, winning the latter, and he’s managed Houston through the last 2 years of their rebuilding…he won the 2000 WOR title with the Cubs….he started the year making trades on the first possible day on April 17 and made trades on the last possible day on August 1…another great year for you, Jim, and I can’t believe that it’s been 22 years…

WORLD SERIES TIMELINE: We’ll ask Mark and Andy to get us their lineups in by tomorrow and send me an email when they’re done….we’ll wrap it up this weekend.  Good luck, guys!


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