Wild Card Results

Two series that each went 5 games!

NATIONAL LEAGUE: The teams started by splitting 2 games in Colorado…Milwaukee won their first home game…in the do-or-die second game in Milwaukee, the Rockies won 2-1 in the 10th inning behind a Corey Kluber start and with a Blevins strike-out-the-side save…the decisive game 5 was in Colorado, but the thin air favored the beermakers, who scored 3 off of Felix Hernandez and 2 more off of Greg Holland; Motte pitched a 3-inning save.

Congrats to Leo, who you almost can’t say enough about.  He’s a great guy, is really the most important factor in keeping the league functioning and fun, and it’s no accident he spends most of his time helping the public, the environment, and wild animals in his job as a Ranger.  He’s been in the since 1994, just finished his 4th consecutive double-digit-positive WOR season, and his 7th consecutive playoff appearance.  He’s finished with a positive WOR every year since 2004, and his lifetime WOR total of 235 is second only to Rick Wynne.  REALLY appreciate all that you do!

AMERICAN LEAGUE: After 4 straight slugfests where the winning team averaged 8.25 runs, the last game was tied at 2 in the 5th….Severino gave up a 3rd run in the bottom of the 6th, Verlander turned the ball over to Giles in the 8th, and the Tigers advanced 3-2.  All the scoring came on homers from Taylor and JD Martinez, who hit .458 for the series.

The Yanks were managed by Mark Yee, a fixture of the ASFBL since 1992, and his 1,762 ASFBL wins rank 5th all-time…this marks his 3rd tour with the Yankees, and he’s managed 8 teams over the years…mostly, he has a great sense of humor, is just a fan of the league, and always leaves me feeling better whenever we have an email exchange.  It’s been a GREAT 23 years, Mark, and I love having you in the league.

MATCH-UPS: Arizona hosts Milwaukee, Cubs are at Washington.  Detroit travels to Houston, and Baltimore is at Cleveland, who won the seasonal series 4-3 by sweeping the Orioles in September after having lost 3 of 4 in June.  Please submit your lineups as soon as you can, and we’re shooting for Sunday, but no later than Monday morning.  Email Leo and I when your lineup is done, and we’ll roll out the DCS next week!



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