Wild Card Series, 2017

Match-ups: Colorado has home field against the Brewers.  The Yankees and Tigers played 2 series, both in August, and Detroit won 4 of the 6 (the closest possible advantage, I note), so they get the home field in the AL.

I notice that, in both leagues, the player who’s name is alphabetically most advanced (Yee and Zewiske) are playing in the wildcard round.  Maybe if I changed my name to Zzruschke….

Rules Review:

  • The wildcard round will be 5 games and follow a 2-2-1 format with off days in between.
  • Regular season statistics will NOT be cleared and will continue to accumulate, with the exception of the over-use factors, which will be frozen at their final regular season figures.
  • A three man rotation may be used in the playoffs. There will be a fatigue adjustment for playing on three days’ rest.
  • A full list of rules is available on the link at the top of the page


The site is set up to accept the wildcard lineups; we’ll ask the 4 participants (Leo, Chris, Mark, and Ben) to enter their lineups by tomorrow and email Leo and I when they do…as soon as all lineups are in but no later than Saturday we’ll run the games and post the results.  We anticipate that DCS lineups will be due on Sunday.  As always, we start a little later than the MLB but also end a little sooner.


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