Newsletter for games through 8-27-17

PLAYER’S WEEKEND: In the spirit of customized jerseys and strange, 1970s-Astros-looking socks, I’ve taken the liberty of personalizing some of the ASFBL team names (one week only).  If you have a personalized team name you’d like, zap me an email.

POLLS ARE CLOSED: The vote is overwhelmingly in favor of trading free waivers, pro-rating minor league stats until enough MLB time has been logged to be meaningful, and expanding rosters (all have 78% support or higher).  Vote is overwhelmingly against daily updates (100% opposed) and AAA keepers.  Other ideas that we’ll probably just do: post-deadline waiver trades that will go through unless someone claims a player within 24 hours, customized (or more specialized) bullpen roles, adding a “never bat” option for position players.  Thanks to all who voted, and a special thanks to those who sent us written comments.  Hope to make these a reality by next year!

COMMENTARY: Arizona and the Cubs had the big weeks at the top of the standings; Arizona got some space at the top of the NL West, and the Cubs gained ground on the Brewers in the central and the Dodgers in the wildcard race…Cub sweep was against the Phillies and the Reds, which is no small feat considering both are in the top 4 WOR…I just realized that Andy Somers has the same name as the guitar player for the Police…he is truly the king of (inflicting) pain with his 21 game lead….the Brewers were no slouches, either, and went 5-1….that included a sweep of the Dodgers, who are down 3 starting pitchers….on the upside, nobody is going to add a better pitcher than Clayton Kershaw going down the stretch…Braves were the class of the NL East at 4-2 last week…Cards matched that pace in the central…AL was a complete logjam with nobody going better than 4-2…Oakland was 4-2 and has quietly moved +2.5 in the WOR world…the ASFBL Rangers have agreed to swap home dates with Houston this coming week…the Boston Bernacchis had the best AL east record…they held Cleveland to 6 runs in 4 games, and then gave up 22 runs to Baltimore over the next 3…the actual Indians responded to another round of late-season pitching injuries by throwing lights-out baseball for 4 games in a row…Skrovan’s group held their opponents to 2 runs or fewer in 5 of 7 games…week finale was a shutout against the Royals…if you’ve got a chance, do visit the red cross website this week and see if there’s something you can do to help folks in Houston; in the words of AJ Hinch, the issues out there are bigger than baseball…


Paul Goldschmidt of ARI robbed 3 hits against NYM on 8/21/2017
Chase Headley of NYY robbed 3 hits against DET on 8/22/2017
Aaron Hicks of NYY robbed 3 hits against DET on 8/22/2017
Stephen Strasburg of WAS had 12 strikeouts against HOU on 8/22/2017
Mike Zunino of SEA had 6 RBI against ATL on 8/23/2017
Rogelio Armenteros of HOU had 12 strikeouts against WAS on 8/23/2017
Josh Osich of SFG robbed 3 hits against MIL on 8/23/2017
David Hurlbut of ARI had 10 strikeouts against NYM on 8/24/2017
Jose Iglesias of DET struck out 4 times against NYY on 8/24/2017
Trey Mancini of BAL struck out 4 times against BOS on 8/25/2017
Welington Castillo of BAL had 5 hits against BOS on 8/25/2017
BAL and BOS played 13.5 innings on 8/25/2017
Didi Gregorius of NYY struck out 4 times against SEA on 8/25/2017
Evan Longoria of TBR robbed 3 hits against STL on 8/26/2017
Chris Taylor of LAD struck out 4 times against MIL on 8/26/2017
Sonny Gray of OAK had 12 strikeouts against TEX on 8/26/2017
J.A. Happ of TOR had 10 strikeouts against MIN on 8/26/2017
Stephen Strasburg of WAS had 11 strikeouts against NYM on 8/27/2017
Amed Rosario of NYM struck out 4 times against WAS on 8/27/2017
Jose Altuve of HOU robbed 3 hits against LAA on 8/27/2017
Joe Mantiply of NYY had 10 strikeouts against SEA on 8/27/2017
Alcides Escobar of SEA struck out 4 times against NYY on 8/27/2017
Gio Gonzalez of STL had 10 strikeouts against TBR on 8/27/2017


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