Newsletter for games through 7-30-17

TRADE CHAOS: 20 trades Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday, the last entered at 11:41PM.  It would have been 21 with the last trade coming in at 11:59 but Andy and I each literally fell asleep at our computers.  Especially noteworthy was the work of Josh Clark, who made 4 trades involving 14 players.  Rick Wynne avoided the unlucky 13th trade curse by making a 14th trade before the deadline.  I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t at least offer Asdrubal Cabrera for Odubel Herrera just so I could keep repeating the offer out loud.

GOOD NEWS/BAD NEWS: It’s kinda awesome when the rookie shortstop you are now counting on a lot (Rosario) makes his MLB debut, and you really need him to hit, and it’s a road game in Colorado.  It’s less awesome when your starting pitcher that same night is also a rookie with only 3 IP under his belt (Flexen) and he also gets to play in Colorado.  Oh well, I guess it ought to be a wash…

COMMENTARY:  The Dodgers stood pat — why not? — and had the best record in the NL West, amidst the player tornado created by the Rockie and Diamondback trade activity…all 3 teams had winning records…the highly active Cubs had the best NL record at 6-1 and pushed to within 2 games of Milwaukee, and had the only winning week in the division…Reds and Phillies continue to hold their spots at the top of the WOR standings…the Met strategy of irrational player acquisition unrelated to team need or player quality unexepectedly paid off with a winning week, although it was the Nats who moved into a tie with Rick’s DBax for most wins in the league…Yankees, Cleveland, and Seattle were all 5-1…those records gave the Yanks a crucial game on the Orioles and pushed the Indians a game ahead of the Tigers…Detroit and Baltimore were each 4-2…Seattle has the misfortune of playing in Houston’s division, but the week kept them relevant in the wildcard race…San Diego scored, in order, 4, 3, 2, and 1 run against the Mets..I love the symmetry…Baltimore took 2 of 3 games from a hot Texas team that had just finished a sweep of the Marlins…3 of the top 7 run scorers in the league play for Washington…that’s not really the on-base and speed category it once was, although Altuve is 3rd…if you saw Justin Turner and Jose Altuve walking next to each other on the street, would you think “there go 2 of the best athletes in the game?”…neither one is 6 feet tall…Antonio Senzatela of the Indians ranks 14th in the league in best control (allowing .2 walks per 9 innings), and I can honestly say I’d never even heard of him before finding that stat…which is a little weird because every other pitcher in the top 20 is very recognizable…


James Paxton of SEA had 10 strikeouts against BOS on 7/24/2017
Hyun-Jin Ryu of BAL had 12 strikeouts against TBR on 7/24/2017
Brad Miller of TBR struck out 4 times against BAL on 7/24/2017
Danny Duffy of TOR had 11 strikeouts against OAK on 7/24/2017
Dallas Keuchel of HOU had 10 strikeouts against PHI on 7/24/2017
Matt Davidson of CWS struck out 4 times against CHC on 7/24/2017
Jedd Gyorko of STL robbed 3 hits against COL on 7/24/2017
Chris Sale of BOS had 11 strikeouts against SEA on 7/25/2017
Jacob deGrom of SEA had 11 strikeouts against BOS on 7/25/2017
Jacob Faria of TBR had 10 strikeouts against BAL on 7/25/2017
Max Scherzer of WAS had 13 strikeouts against MIL on 7/25/2017
Bryce Harper of WAS had 6 RBI against MIL on 7/25/2017
Luis Severino of NYY had 12 strikeouts against CIN on 7/25/2017
Jose Peraza of CIN struck out 4 times against NYY on 7/25/2017
Justin Smoak of TOR had 7 RBI against OAK on 7/26/2017
Carlos Martinez of WAS had 10 strikeouts against MIL on 7/26/2017
Masahiro Tanaka of SEA had 10 strikeouts against NYM on 7/28/2017
Jose Martinez of STL had 6 RBI against ARI on 7/28/2017
Caleb Joseph of BAL struck out 5 times against TEX on 7/28/2017
Shin-Soo Choo of TEX had 6 RBI against BAL on 7/28/2017
BAL and TEX played 14.5 innings on 7/28/2017
Jon Lester of CHC had 10 strikeouts against MIL on 7/28/2017
Jon Jay of CHC struck out 4 times against MIL on 7/28/2017
CHC and MIL played 15.5 innings on 7/28/2017
Tommy Pham of STL struck out 4 times against ARI on 7/29/2017
Corey Kluber of COL had 14 strikeouts against WAS on 7/29/2017
Rafael Lopez of TOR had 6 RBI against LAA on 7/29/2017
Francisco Lindor of CLE had 6 RBI against CWS on 7/30/2017
Chris Sale of BOS had 12 strikeouts against KCR on 7/30/2017
Manny Machado of BAL hit 3 home runs against TEX on 7/30/2017
Manny Machado of BAL had 7 RBI against TEX on 7/30/2017


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