Newsletter for games through 6-25-17

RANDOMNESS: Never complain about getting up at 3am to Leo Leckie…he does so on a routine basis…don’t know if you saw this, but on June 14 the Mets used one pitcher as a pinch-hitter (Matz) and another as a pinch-runner (Gsellman)…Matz had a hit and Gsellman scored…kinda made me want to code those into the game…but maybe my Mets are the only team bad enough to  benefit from having pitchers fill in to position-player roles…thanks to Adam Symonds for compiling the run-differential-vs-reality comparisons…one thing they demonstrate is that the actual Mets should be scoring more runs than they are…

COMMENTARY: Raphael Malveaux is having is traditional genuis-like season (10 of his 12 seasons have seen him finish in positive-WOR territory, including a +30 in 2015), but he has a very mediocre actual Reds club in first place WOR and a game and a half behind Milwaukee in the NL central…in fact, the Cubs, Pirates, and Cards all had winning weeks, led by the 6-1 Chicago effort…Dodgers had the best in the west at 5-2, and you kinda feel like they’ve got a bigger run in them….they continue to be hampered by the lack of an ASFBL television deal…Toronto and Detroit would have been the class of the AL this week with matching 6-1 records, but for the 7-0 monster week by Houston…Anaheim was quietly 4-2, and currently holds the top wildcard spot in the AL…and would be in first place in either of the other 2 AL divisions… Baltimore picked up a game and a half on the Yankees and now sits 1 game back…Boston is in striking distance at 4.5 back…NL East still has every team in positive-WOR territory, with the Phillies leading the way…Nostalgia moment: As we all watch Clay Bellinger do incredible things as a rookie (leading the NL in homers at the moment), a curious bit of ASFBL crossover is that we once had a “Clay Bellinger Rule” (named after his Dad)…OUR version of the rule was that a AAA position player who appeared as a pitcher couldn’t be used as an ASFBL pitcher, but alternative versions of a “Clay Bellinger Rule” have been discussed at the Baseball Think Factory…Aaron Judge is so far head in the ASFBL home run race I’m thinking of steriod testing the data file that his stats reside in…Miguel Sano leads the ASFBL with 11 triples, 2 head of the MLB leader Charlie Blackmon…


Brad Peacock of HOU had 12 strikeouts against OAK on 6/19/2017
Jake Arrieta of CHC had 13 strikeouts against SDP on 6/19/2017
Ryan Schimpf of SDP struck out 4 times against CHC on 6/19/2017
Justin Smoak of TOR had 5 hits against TEX on 6/19/2017
Jose Peraza of CIN robbed 3 hits against TBR on 6/20/2017
J.A. Happ of TOR had 11 strikeouts against TEX on 6/20/2017
David Freese of PIT struck out 4 times against MIL on 6/20/2017
Corey Kluber of COL had 13 strikeouts against ARI on 6/20/2017
Matt Davidson of CWS struck out 4 times against MIN on 6/21/2017
Carlos Carrasco of HOU had 10 strikeouts against OAK on 6/21/2017
Yu Darvish of TEX had 10 strikeouts against TOR on 6/21/2017
Carlos Martinez of STL had 13 strikeouts against PHI on 6/21/2017
Tommy Joseph of PHI struck out 4 times against STL on 6/21/2017
Cody Bellinger of LAD had 7 RBI against NYM on 6/22/2017
Chris Taylor of LAD struck out 4 times against NYM on 6/22/2017
Ben Gamel of NYM had 5 hits against SFG on 6/23/2017
Alex Wood of LAD had 14 strikeouts against COL on 6/23/2017
Carlos Correa of HOU hit 3 home runs against SEA on 6/23/2017
Johnny Cueto of SFG had 10 strikeouts against NYM on 6/24/2017
Brad Peacock of HOU had 14 strikeouts against SEA on 6/24/2017
Parker Bridwell of DET had 10 strikeouts against SDP on 6/24/2017
Wilson Ramos of TBR struck out 4 times against BAL on 6/24/2017
Chris Iannetta of ARI robbed 3 hits against PHI on 6/25/2017
NYM and SFG played 14.5 innings on 6/25/2017
Corey Kluber of COL had 10 strikeouts against LAD on 6/25/2017


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