Newsletter for games through 6/4/2017

COMMENTARY: Every then and again I’ll tell myself that I need to do something to make sure that the results are more realistic…and then Scotter Gennett will hit 4 homers in one game…it’s one of the many times I’ve concluded that reality is not realistic…there is randomness within probability….I have come to take it for granted, but thanks to the 24 of you that submitted lineups this week…Scooter was a fantasy Met last year, by the way…in the neck-and-neck AL central the Indians inched forward and Royals moved into second…Anaheim went bananas (note Rally Monkey reference) and posted a 6-1 week….Tigers and Seattle each had winning weeks, and a couple more of those will push them into contention…Tony Bernacchi declared he was going to mix things up rather than wait for adjustments, ended up standing pat, and ran the table with the only perfect 7-0….which I’m sure ties a record for the best week ever…and I’m not giving him crap, trades can be hard to work out…Baltimore still managed to hang on to first by half a game…entire NL East is still in positive WOR territory…Arizona has the biggest ASFBL divisional lead….it’s all of 5 games…the entire AL central is within 4.5 games of first…Ricks’ DBacks also have the most wins in the league and the best win percentage…Philly won 4 games as remains in the top spot for the WOR….Mark Chen’s Baltimore team went 5-1, has the only positive WOR in the AL east, and is leading the division…Josh Harrison of the Pirates has a 17-game hit streak going…that ties with 4 other guys for the longest of the season, and he’ll break the tie if he gets a hit next Monday…Dellin Betances of the Yankees has gone 11 appearances without allowing a run to score…top 3 teams in run differentials — which generally is the best measure of overall team performance, in my humble opinion — are Washington, Houston, and Cleveland….my power rankings puts the Orioles 3rd and Cleveland 15th…the Reds lead the league with 58 stolen bases…I’m not saying this is causal, but Arizona has the highest percentage of vowels in names across all players….and they’re in first place in the league…things that make people with names like “Bruschke” a little vowel envious….the Reds have the longest average names, 12.025 letters on average across 80 players…DBacks are 5th…


Carlos Martinez of STL had 12 strikeouts against LAD on 5/29/2017
Adalberto Mejia of MIN had 10 strikeouts against HOU on 5/30/2017
Bryce Harper of WAS struck out 4 times against SFG on 5/30/2017
Jacob deGrom of NYM had 11 strikeouts against MIL on 5/30/2017
Jesus Aguilar of MIL struck out 4 times against NYM on 5/30/2017
Mark Canha of OAK struck out 4 times against CLE on 5/30/2017
Nick Markakis of ATL struck out 4 times against LAA on 5/31/2017
Stephen Strasburg of WAS had 11 strikeouts against SFG on 5/31/2017
Shane Peterson of TBR struck out 4 times against TEX on 5/31/2017
Zack Greinke of ARI had 11 strikeouts against PIT on 5/31/2017
Josh Bell of PIT struck out 4 times against ARI on 5/31/2017
Lance McCullers of HOU had 13 strikeouts against MIN on 5/31/2017
Giancarlo Stanton of BAL robbed 3 hits against NYY on 5/31/2017
Edinson Volquez of MIA had 10 strikeouts against ARI on 6/1/2017
Jake Lamb of ARI struck out 4 times against MIA on 6/1/2017
Jose Peraza of CIN robbed 3 hits against ATL on 6/2/2017
Yolmer Sanchez of CWS struck out 4 times against DET on 6/2/2017
Dallas Keuchel of HOU had 14 strikeouts against TEX on 6/2/2017
Max Scherzer of WAS had 18 strikeouts against OAK on 6/2/2017
Joe Biagini of TOR had 11 strikeouts against NYY on 6/2/2017
Kyle Schwarber of NYY struck out 4 times against TOR on 6/2/2017
Gabriel Ynoa of BAL had 10 strikeouts against BOS on 6/2/2017
James Paxton of SEA had 16 strikeouts against TBR on 6/3/2017
SFG and PHI played 13.5 innings on 6/3/2017
Carlos Martinez of STL had 14 strikeouts against CHC on 6/3/2017
STL and CHC played 13.5 innings on 6/3/2017
Max Kepler of MIN struck out 4 times against LAA on 6/4/2017
Deven Marrero of BOS struck out 4 times against BAL on 6/4/2017
Luis Severino of NYY had 10 strikeouts against TOR on 6/4/2017



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