Newsletter for games through 5-21-17

RANDOM REQUEST: The injury reports have been wonky — mostly, baseball-reference just changes where the put the information every week — so if you see something amiss let me know and the best email for that is

COMMENTARY: Chris Zewiske and Raphael Malveaux are turning the NL Central into one of the more compelling early races…they were a combined 11-2 and this week, they are both in positive WOR territory, and they are within a game of each other at the top of the NL central…the Mets were 1-5 but no ePlayer tweeted pictures of obscene objects in their locker, so that was a win…Danny Wildes is still working his magic with the Braves…he was 5-2, is 1.5 back of the lead, and is +5 WOR…in fact, the entire NL East is +16.5 WOR, and Andy is to be forgiven for not substantially improving on the Nationals’ 26-17 start…it’s mostly a testament to how things go when the entire division is under .500 in reality…Johnny Mac’s Phils were 4-2….and are tied for the lead in the WOR standings…Rick Wynne is making a good team better and the DBacks rode a 5-1 record to the biggest divisional lead in the ASFBL…of course, 15 teams are within 3 games of first…including the entire AL Central…LA and SF were each 4-2…and they played each other this week…Cleveland, KC, and Detroit all gained ground to tighten things up…Yanks went 4-2 for the best record in the AL East…John Weerts’ Oakland club had a league-best 6-1 week and has the best WOR in the AL West…8 ASFBLers have more than 15 HR, but Brandon Moss of KC has done it in the fewest AB…the top 2 run scorers both play for Washington…Mike Trout is 3rd…Chris Sale has 8 wins to top the ASFBL…Boston is 3rd from the top in batting average and 3rd from the bottom in HR…that puts them just below in the middle in runs scored…but the team ERA is 3.60, which is 3rd best in the AL…Marcell Ozuna of MIA had 10 RBI last week….which offsets the 10 strikeouts…Gerrett Cole threw 18 shutout innings…Eric Thames hit .444 last week…and was a distant second to team-mate Eric Sogard who hit .548…Thanks to all of you for getting those lineups in….routinely have 26 or more submitted each week…


Robbie Ray of ARI had 12 strikeouts against NYM on 5/15/2017
Jeff Samardzija of SFG had 10 strikeouts against LAD on 5/16/2017
Tucker Barnhart of CIN had 5 hits against CHC on 5/16/2017
Michael Pineda of NYY had 10 strikeouts against KCR on 5/17/2017
Trey Mancini of BAL struck out 4 times against DET on 5/17/2017
Manny Machado of BAL struck out 4 times against DET on 5/17/2017
BAL and DET played 15.5 innings on 5/17/2017
Adam Lind of WAS had 6 RBI against PIT on 5/17/2017
Adam Lind of WAS had 5 hits against PIT on 5/17/2017
Jose Berrios of MIN had 13 strikeouts against COL on 5/18/2017
Christian Bergman of SEA had 10 strikeouts against CWS on 5/19/2017
Clayton Kershaw of LAD had 11 strikeouts against MIA on 5/19/2017
CWS and SEA played 13.5 innings on 5/20/2017
Jacob deGrom of NYM had 10 strikeouts against LAA on 5/20/2017
Mike Moustakas of KCR hit 3 home runs against MIN on 5/20/2017
Mike Moustakas of KCR had 7 RBI against MIN on 5/20/2017
Cody Bellinger of LAD struck out 4 times against MIA on 5/20/2017
Marcell Ozuna of MIA struck out 4 times against LAD on 5/20/2017
Gerrit Cole of PIT had 15 strikeouts against PHI on 5/21/2017
Jeff Samardzija of SFG had 10 strikeouts against STL on 5/21/2017


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