Newsletter for games through 8-28-16

Brush with death and greatness:  At a spring training game Leo, Tim Walsh, and Rick Wynne attended in about 2004, a golf cart carrying Garrett Anderson almost ran over Rick Wynne.  That makes it a little more fitting that the Angels would retire Garrett Anderson’s number within 2 weeks of Rick Wynne’s actual retirement…


Philly and Atlanta were a collective 10-2 this week…never say die, and Philly is +1 WOR…by the way, I’m kind of proud of the fact that ASFBL has been using “WOR” and “WAR” (I dropped the more violent sounding acronym a while back, but early uses of the figure were interchangeable) and “Saved Runs” about a decade before they worked their way into the MLB-highlight lexicon…Western division leaders Colorado and Seattle added to their lead…Toronto had the huge week with 6-0…others probably noticed this before, but who would have thought that the AL would be the tighest race around?  Boston, Toronto, and Baltimore are all within 2 games of each other…they are collectively +11 WOR…one big week could swing the race…Cleveland and Detroit remained locked, with Detroit picking up a half game this week…Colorado moved into a first-place tie in the WOR standings…Christmas-card lists: Boston and Toronto add Washington for taking 3 of 4 from Baltimore…Cleveland to Anaheim for taking 2 of 3 from the Tigers…Matt Shoemaker turned in a 1-0 victory…Detroit to Oakland from taking 2 of 3 from the Indians and preventing them from capitalizing on the Anaheim victories…Washington and Colorado to the Phillies and Cardinals for keeping the Mets at 2-4…Tampa, Milwaukee, and Oakland are all strong WOR contenders and all are in the top 6 spots…in case you haven’t noticed, 9 of Mark Trumbo’s last actual 13 hits have been HR….2 of his 6 hits for the ASFBL Mets were homers this week….


Ketel Marte of SEA had 5 hits against NYY on 8/22/2016
Julio Urias of LAD had 11 strikeouts against CIN on 8/22/2016
Roberto Perez of CLE robbed 3 hits against OAK on 8/22/2016
Miguel Cabrera of DET had 6 RBI against MIN on 8/23/2016
Miguel Cabrera of DET had 5 hits against MIN on 8/23/2016
Rich Hill of CHC had 12 strikeouts against SDP on 8/23/2016
Cole Hamels of TEX had 11 strikeouts against CIN on 8/24/2016
Angel Pagan of SFG robbed 3 hits against LAD on 8/24/2016
J.D. Martinez of NYY struck out 4 times against SEA on 8/24/2016
Jon Lester of HOU had 10 strikeouts against PIT on 8/24/2016
David Freese of BOS struck out 4 times against TBR on 8/24/2016
Curt Casali of TBR struck out 4 times against BOS on 8/24/2016
Yoenis Cespedes of NYM had 6 RBI against STL on 8/25/2016
Patrick Kivlehan of TEX struck out 4 times against CLE on 8/25/2016
CLE and TEX played 13.5 innings on 8/25/2016
Max Scherzer of WAS had 11 strikeouts against BAL on 8/25/2016
Troy Tulowitzki of TOR robbed 3 hits against MIN on 8/26/2016
Jose Quintana of CWS had 10 strikeouts against SEA on 8/26/2016
Anthony DeSclafani of BAL had 11 strikeouts against NYY on 8/27/2016
Danny Duffy of SEA had 10 strikeouts against CWS on 8/27/2016
Xavier Scruggs of MIA struck out 4 times against SDP on 8/28/2016
SDP and MIA played 13.5 innings on 8/28/2016
Ryon Healy of OAK hit 3 home runs against STL on 8/28/2016
Ryon Healy of OAK had 5 hits against STL on 8/28/2016
Adam Duvall of CIN struck out 4 times against ARI on 8/28/2016
Eugenio Suarez of CIN had 6 RBI against ARI on 8/28/2016

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