Newsletter for games through 6-19-2016

REMINDER: If you make changes to your starting pitchers on the roster page, you also need to change the rotation assignments on the rotation change page.  You can find it on the main dashboard (the place you get sent to immediately after login), and it usually just involves clicking the “have computer automatically set rotation” button.

PLAYER ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE WEEK:  Adam Duvall of the Reds hit for the cycle on 6/13/2016

OWNER ACCOMPLISHMENT OF THE WEEK: Cleveland native and super-fan Steve Skrovan entered a lineup only one day after the Cavaliers delivered the first championship to the Rock and Roll Capital of the World in a half-century…I am awarding him rights to all of LeBron James’ baseball stats if he goes all Michael Jordan…

COMMENTS: Go big Red…Cincinnati posted a 6-1 record, best in their division, and pulled themselves into positive WOR territory…The Giants had the only perfect 6-0 in the AL, matching the actual team’s torrid pace, and tightened their grip on first place…you gotta pull for Steve to make his inagural playoff appearance, and 80 games in he sure seems on track…the Yankees posted a perfect 6-0, only one in the AL, and pulled even with WOR…sweep victims were the Twins and Rockies, and the 6 wins included 2 shutouts…Detroit picked up a game and a half on Cleveland, and is only one back in the tightest ASFBL divisional race…the NL central is tough as usual; Rick Wynne is dead even WOR, but it’s going to be tough to be the Cubs and their 70% win clip…and the Cardinals are at +7 WOR; second in the NL central, second in the ASFBL WOR standings…Josh Donaldson hit 5 HR last week, tops in the ASFBL…Joe Panik may have had the perfect week for a leadoff hitter; .409, 4 stolen bases, no strikeouts….of course, he was batting 7th…not bad out of your #7 hitter…I would not suggest that a holy man like Rick Wynne is turning to the occult to reverse Cub fortunes, but Rizzo’s computer generated ID number is 28-666…it is the only place anywhere in the database that “666” appears…the Brewers have 68 real stolen bases, miles ahead of the Houston’s second-place mark at 55…they have 76 fantasy stolen bases, also tops in the league…Baltimore has 9, and the Mets are dead last with 7….in fact, Milwaukee has more than the Mets, Orioles, Mariners, and Cardinals combined…Arizona has the most hit-saving plays at 132…that’s about a hit and a half they save their pitchers every game…Texas took 2 out of 3 from the Cardinals while being outscored 13-8…it’s not how many you get, it’s when you get ’em…


Marco Estrada of TOR had 11 strikeouts against PHI on 6/13/2016
Marcell Ozuna of MIA struck out 4 times against SDP on 6/13/2016
Joey Votto of CIN hit 3 home runs against ATL on 6/13/2016
Adam Duvall of CIN had 5 hits against ATL on 6/13/2016
Jose Fernandez of MIA had 17 strikeouts against SDP on 6/14/2016
Jason Heyward of HOU robbed 3 hits against STL on 6/14/2016
Jason Heyward of HOU struck out 4 times against STL on 6/14/2016
Adam Conley of MIA had 12 strikeouts against SDP on 6/15/2016
Matt Carpenter of STL hit for the cycle against HOU on 6/15/2016
Danny Duffy of KCR had 12 strikeouts against CLE on 6/15/2016
Jon Lester of CHC had 14 strikeouts against WAS on 6/15/2016
Jonathan Lucroy of MIL had 5 hits against SFG on 6/15/2016
Stephen Strasburg of WAS had 16 strikeouts against SDP on 6/18/2016
Chris Davis of BAL struck out 4 times against TOR on 6/18/2016
Clayton Kershaw of LAD had 12 strikeouts against MIL on 6/18/2016
Joc Pederson of LAD struck out 4 times against MIL on 6/18/2016
Brandon Belt of SFG hit 3 home runs against TBR on 6/19/2016
Albert Almora of CHC had 5 hits against PIT on 6/19/2016
Julio Urias of LAD had 11 strikeouts against MIL on 6/19/2016
Max Scherzer of WAS had 11 strikeouts against SDP on 6/19/2016
Jose Fernandez of MIA had 12 strikeouts against COL on 6/19/2016


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