Newsletter for games through 6-12-16


It’s been a long road trip — this newsletter is brought to you courtesy of the Salt Lake City airport, and would have arrived 20 minutes sooner had the two female missionaries in front of me in the security line not brought every imaginable liquid and gel in quantities larger than 3 ounces…but you will be happy to know that the official ASFBL laptop has been thoroughly inspected and is now TSA approved….as a technical note, the sharp eyes of Rick Wynne discovered that there is a bug where injured starting pitchers can still appear; I manually tracked those down this week but will have a code fix in by next Wednesday…


The aforementioned Mr. Wynne sent this to me last week: “My Cubs are being bit by one-run losses, which is no one’s fault but my own.  Of my 19 losses so far this season, 13 have been by one-run !  68% !!  Wondering if anyone else can point to such a disparity ?  So I am 28-6 in games decided by more than one-run and 10-13 in one-run games !”…all 3 of my losses this week were by 1 run…I love having you in the league, Rick, but please stop jinxing me…Cards had the best week in the NL and the only perfect 6-0, but they only picked up a game on the 5-1 Cubs…Nationals and Marlins each gained a half game this week…Rockies went 5-1 and now four teams in the NL west are all within 5 games of first place…Bosox only played 5 but won them all, inched a half game forward, and are  a half game out of the WOR lead…Rays and Jays also had 5 wins each…Skrovan’s Indians picked up a game and a half and held to first another week…Twins still have the best WOR in the division….tough week in the AL west, with only the A’s posting a winning record and that was 3-2…it’s a tough year in Anaheim; Greg went 2-5 and picked up a game in WOR…Arenado and Cano are 1-2 in the leage RBI lead…Rockies are actually 29 runs scored behind the Mariners on the season…Bosox lead everyone by 34…Arizona has one more bad play and one more good play than Washington, and those 2 teams set the standard for defense in the ASFBL…Chris Davis of the Orioles hit .333 last week…Khris Davis of the A’s hit .318…Top 4 ERA-leading teams are in the NL, which is no surprise, but all 3 NL divisions have at least one team in the top 4…NL east has two…Jays lead the AL, followed by Seattle…Mariners have more saves…Tampa Bay pitchers have issued the fewest walks…Met relievers have 9 more saves, but the National bullpen leads the league in preventing inherited runners from scoring…Feat of the week was surely Jose Fernandez of Miami who posted had 17 strikeouts against the Twins….


Robbie Ray of ARI had 10 strikeouts against TBR on 6/6/2016
Chris Davis of BAL struck out 4 times against KCR on 6/6/2016
Eduard Santos of OAK had 12 strikeouts against MIL on 6/7/2016
Madison Bumgarner of SFG had 11 strikeouts against BOS on 6/7/2016
Paulo Orlando of KCR robbed 3 hits against BAL on 6/8/2016
Jayson Werth of WAS had 5 hits against CWS on 6/9/2016
Ryan Braun of MIL struck out 4 times against NYM on 6/9/2016
Ryan Rua of TEX struck out 4 times against HOU on 6/9/2016
Ricky Nolasco of MIN had 10 strikeouts against BOS on 6/10/2016
Jon Lester of CHC had 11 strikeouts against ATL on 6/10/2016
Chris Carter of MIL struck out 5 times against NYM on 6/10/2016
Brandon Moss of STL hit 3 home runs against PIT on 6/11/2016
Matt Shoemaker of LAA had 11 strikeouts against CLE on 6/11/2016
Brett Wallace of SDP struck out 4 times against COL on 6/11/2016
Franklin Gutierrez of SEA struck out 4 times against TEX on 6/12/2016
Robbie Ray of ARI had 10 strikeouts against MIA on 6/12/2016
Rickie Weeks of ARI struck out 4 times against MIA on 6/12/2016
Nick Castellanos of DET robbed 3 hits against NYY on 6/12/2016


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