Newsletter for games through 6-5-16

RANDOM: This newsletter is brought to you on a new laptop and from the Long Beach airport, thanks to the extreme efficiency of the security check-in line.  That prior sentences is not a typo.  I got through security in less time than it takes a Jared Weaver fastball to reach home plate, so about 3 minutes…the second half of the previous sentence was literal…anyway, my apologies for the slowness of the upload Monday, but the new laptop/system switch did play a role, and I think we are over the hiccups.

COMMENTARY: The big week in the NL went to the Miami Marlins, who went 6-1., including a sweep of the division-leading Mets..nobody else had more than 4 wins, with the Nationals checking in second at 4-2…ten teams had winning records at 4-3 including the Phillies, Brewers, Pirates, and the entire freaking NL west…all of them…nobody in that division has a negative WOR…a sad and slightly pessimistic Tony Bernacchi saw his Bosox limp into the season with a very slow start over the first 2 weeks…he muttered something to me about “a long summer of disappointments”…his Sox posted the best record in the AL East and gained yet more ground, having clearly taken control of the division and sporting the largest lead int he league…and the most wins in the ASFBL…the Yankees never say die and finished 4-2…Detroit rolled the best record in the league with the only perfect 6-0 mark…but the Indians lost little ground thanks their 5-2 mark….the Indians and Mets both continue to hold to divisional leads, and both of 2014s bottom-two WOR teams are in positive WOR territory this year…Houston and Texas each had winning records and took advantage of the Mariners’ 2-5 stumble…some hope for the rest of the AL west is that Mariner pitchers have the highest ERA-under-reality mark (-.51) and look to adjust upward…Reds are the most likely to adjust toward better performance, averaging a full run and a half over their actual numbers…in a feast-or-famine series against Colorado, Red pitchers allowed 1 run in two games, but gave up 16 runs in the other 2…all team batting averages are within .008 of their actual figures…top 3 teams in power ratings are the Cubs, Nationals, and Rangers…only 1 of those teams is in first, which should probably make the Mets and Mariners a little nervous…Rangers have the best actual fielding ratings in the ASFBL…Corey Seager hit 6 HR for the Dodgers after his torrid week in reality…Victor Martinez and Miguel Cabrera each hit better than .500 last week…that’s some 1-2 punch…Fernando Abad struck out 13 in 6 innings for the Twins last week…


Max Scherzer of WAS had 11 strikeouts against PHI on 5/30/2016
Aaron Nola of PHI had 10 strikeouts against WAS on 5/30/2016
Nelson Cruz of SEA hit 3 home runs against SDP on 5/30/2016
Jose Fernandez of MIA had 15 strikeouts against PIT on 5/30/2016
Chase Utley of LAD struck out 4 times against CHC on 5/30/2016
Brooks Pounders of KCR had 10 strikeouts against TBR on 5/30/2016
Corey Dickerson of TBR struck out 4 times against KCR on 5/30/2016
Dae-ho Lee of SEA had 6 RBI against SDP on 5/31/2016
Madison Bumgarner of SFG had 12 strikeouts against ATL on 6/1/2016
David Ortiz of BOS hit 3 home runs against BAL on 6/2/2016
David Ortiz of BOS had 6 RBI against BAL on 6/2/2016
Jon Niese of PIT had 10 strikeouts against MIA on 6/2/2016
Carlos Gomez of PIT struck out 4 times against MIA on 6/2/2016
Drew Pomeranz of SDP had 12 strikeouts against SEA on 6/2/2016
Noah Syndergaard of NYM had 16 strikeouts against MIA on 6/3/2016
Stephen Strasburg of WAS had 10 strikeouts against CIN on 6/3/2016
Clayton Kershaw of LAD had 11 strikeouts against ATL on 6/3/2016
Steven Souza of TBR struck out 4 times against MIN on 6/4/2016
Max Scherzer of WAS threw a no-hitter against CIN on 6/4/2016
Max Scherzer of WAS had 13 strikeouts against CIN on 6/4/2016
Jose Fernandez of MIA had 13 strikeouts against NYM on 6/4/2016
Neil Walker of NYM struck out 4 times against MIA on 6/4/2016
Byron Buxton of MIN struck out 4 times against TBR on 6/5/2016
Greg Garcia of STL had 5 hits against SFG on 6/5/2016
CC Sabathia of NYY had 11 strikeouts against BAL on 6/5/2016



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