Newsletter for games through 5-22-16


First, the owner list has been removed from the main page.  This is just a good idea; our emails and phone numbers were publicly exposed.  To get to them now just log in and the link to the owners list is on the top menu of any page you bump into.  That link shows owners, their lifetime records, their contact info, and it allows you to email everyone.  It’s the same page that used to be on the WordPress main page, it’s just now protected behind the password login.

Second, due to some ongoing email fights with the new GoDaddy server, I’ve set up a google group.  It should be a more reliable way to send league email.  There’s a link to it after you log in on the top right next to the owners link.  You can now send email directly through that thing, and it may be more reliable than using the site’s email blaster.

THE GOOGLE GROUP DOES NOT AUTOMATICALLY UPDATE EMAILS, so if you change your email please let me know so that I can update it in the google group.

Third, if you’d prefer, you can send email to everyone by simply sending an email to:

Finally, saves now appear on the team pitching page.


Since we can count them now, the Cubs lead the league with 17 saves as a team….Seattle is second with 15….Boston leads the league with 376 strikeouts, which is a huge pile of them…Five teams have a team ERA under 3.00…two are from Chicago….The Toronto bullpen has allowed only 6% of inherited runners to score, best in the league…Nationals are second at 7%….Rays have issued only 80 walks, best in the league, and there are 5 teams that have issued at least twice that many…Baltimore leads the league with 82 homers….Boston leads the league in runs…Houston is second, and the Cardinals are 4th…Cubs are 3rd and I didn’t put them in that prior sentence only because it’s not all that surprising…Cards and Brewers were each 4-2, and St. Louis is hanging tough with the Cubbies…picked up 2 games this week…Giants inched forward again to extend their lead in the NL West, but there are still 4 teams that are within 3 games of first….Philly and Atlanta each put up 4 wins…Boston slowed down with a .500 week and both Toronto and the Orioles turned up the heat with 5 wins each….three current division leaders couldn’t crack .500 this week…The AL central is what makes baseball fun; Cleveland is holding to first, 4 teams are within 2.5 games, and nobody is more than 5.5 out…that team 5.5 back is the Twins who lead the ASFBL in WOR…the 3 teams atop the AL West all had 4-win weeks…they combine for a +12 WOR…Four division leaders are a half-game over WOR or lower, which I guess proves that it helps to start with a strong roster…Four trades last week, but Mike Trout got moved, which counts as the biggest blockbuster of the season, I think…Jason Heyward also moved….27 lineups submitted this week; thanks to all of you for staying so current!


Jackie Bradley of BOS struck out 4 times against KCR on 5/16/2016
Lorenzo Cain of LAA struck out 4 times against LAD on 5/16/2016
J.D. Martinez of DET had 6 RBI against MIN on 5/17/2016
Madison Bumgarner of SFG had 11 strikeouts against SDP on 5/17/2016
David Price of BOS had 11 strikeouts against KCR on 5/17/2016
Todd Frazier of CWS had 6 RBI against HOU on 5/17/2016
C.J. Cron of LAA had 5 hits against LAD on 5/18/2016
Stephen Piscotty of STL had 5 hits against COL on 5/18/2016
Jon Lester of CHC had 10 strikeouts against MIL on 5/19/2016
Noah Syndergaard of NYM had 10 strikeouts against WAS on 5/19/2016
Jonathan Villar of MIL struck out 4 times against NYM on 5/20/2016
Julio Urias of LAD had 13 strikeouts against SDP on 5/20/2016
Danny Valencia of OAK struck out 4 times against NYY on 5/21/2016
Vance Worley of BAL had 11 strikeouts against LAA on 5/21/2016
Matt Holliday of STL had 7 RBI against ARI on 5/21/2016
Jedd Gyorko of STL had 6 RBI against ARI on 5/21/2016
Drew Pomeranz of SDP had 12 strikeouts against LAD on 5/21/2016
Adrian Gonzalez of LAD struck out 4 times against SDP on 5/21/2016
David Wright of NYM struck out 4 times against MIL on 5/22/2016

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