Newsletter for games through 7-6-2014


From Rick Wynne: “Frustrating, this game is !  My Braves scored a TOTAL of 9 runs this week in ASFBL, losing 3 one-run games, 2 of which were extra innings.  After starting 20-5 in ASFBL, my Braves have been 24-33 since !  In my favorite Scoresheet league, a live-draft league in Atlanta, I started 11-21 and have been 39-12 since !  Wish I could combine my hot start in ASFBL and my hot finish in NL Hank Aaron !  59-17 would be so cool !!  “

Andy Somers, taking some lighthearted exception to my pro-Fullerton editorializing, notes that his alma mater, Vanderbilt, won the CWS this year.  Go Vols!


Compiled by Leo, and accurate through 7/3/2014:

1. Jim Casey Giants – 20.  2. Leo Leckie Rockies – 17.  2. Mark Yee Yankees – 17.  3. Gordon Leckie Tigers – 15.  3. Scott Treffer Rangers – 15.  4. Adam Symonds Mariners – 11.  4. Rick Wynne Braves – 11.  5. Steve Horak White Sox – 10


Mostly on hold this week, as I’m traveling.  However, big congrats to Josh Clark’s Royals, who had the only 6-0 week, and the Greg Acthten’s Angels, who are playing the way most folks feel the actual Angels should have been playing all year.  The Pirates, Cards, Nats, and Bosox also had big weeks, and the Tigers moved back into first place in the AL Central.  The Yanks made a big move in the AL East.  Back in full verbosity next Wednesday.  Enjoy the all-star weekend!


Johnny Cueto of CIN had 11 strikeouts against SDP on 6/30/2014
Logan Kensing of SEA had 11 strikeouts against HOU on 6/30/2014
Jose Quintana of CWS had 10 strikeouts against LAA on 6/30/2014
Dioner Navarro of TOR struck out 4 times against MIL on 7/1/2014
George Springer of HOU struck out 4 times against SEA on 7/1/2014
Andrelton Simmons of ATL had 5 hits against NYM on 7/1/2014
Dallas Keuchel of HOU had 10 strikeouts against SEA on 7/2/2014
Lance Lynn of STL had 10 strikeouts against SFG on 7/2/2014
Marlon Byrd of SFG struck out 4 times against STL on 7/2/2014
Kris Bryant of SFG struck out 4 times against STL on 7/2/2014
Clayton Kershaw of LAD had 12 strikeouts against CLE on 7/2/2014
Nathan Eovaldi of MIA had 10 strikeouts against PHI on 7/3/2014
Ryan Howard of PHI struck out 4 times against MIA on 7/3/2014
Kole Calhoun of LAA had 9 RBI against HOU on 7/4/2014
Howie Kendrick of LAA had 6 hits against HOU on 7/4/2014
Albert Pujols of NYY had 5 hits against MIN on 7/4/2014
Lucas Duda of SFG struck out 4 times against SDP on 7/4/2014
David Price of TBR had 12 strikeouts against DET on 7/4/2014
Alcides Escobar of DET struck out 4 times against TBR on 7/4/2014
Jake Arrieta of CHC had 10 strikeouts against WAS on 7/4/2014
Tim Lincecum of ARI had 10 strikeouts against ATL on 7/6/2014
Trevor May of MIN had 10 strikeouts against NYY on 7/6/2014
Scott Kazmir of OAK had 10 strikeouts against TOR on 7/6/2014
Cole Hamels of PHI had 12 strikeouts against PIT on 7/6/2014

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