Newsletter for games through 7-21-13


1) Our first drug suspension will take effect next week; Braun will be marked as disabled and unavailable for the rest of the year, and the affected owner will receive a free waiver.

2) Our data service has changed and they now longer automatically combine the stats of minor leaguers who play for multiple teams.  That will require recoding on my part, and in the mean time affected owners will get a free waiver so they can make roster changes to compensate.

3) We will not be conducting random drug tests of ASFBL owners, no matter how much Hugh Brown and Adam Symonds blow the top off the curve 🙂


The short week saw 4 undefeated teams…Zewiske made the most of it for the Brewers, and he’s now +7.5 WOR…Jim Casey’s Giants and Gordon Leckie’s Tigers used the perfect weeks to lengthen leads…John Weerts and Scott Treffer are keeping Adam Symonds from getting too comfortable in the AL West…all 3 teams had winning records….Six AL teams are within 3 games of first, but all are in the East or West divisions…that’s a wildcard showdown in the making…talk about tough breaks, Leo Leckie is +6.5 WOR and still 17.5 games out of first…The Cardinals joined the Pirates in the team-ERA-Under-3.00 club…how does anybody score in the NL central?…The Colorado bullpen is tied with the Cardinal bullpen for fewest % of inherited runners to score at 15%…and with a team ERA of 3.95, they see a lot more runners when they come in…Part of the Pirate pitching success is due to defense; fielders have robbed 115 more outs than they have allowed errors or difficult plays they fail to make…Boston pitchers lead the ASFBL with a combined 921 strikeouts…the Braves only have 671, but a better team ERA…


Max Scherzer of DET had 11 strikeouts against KCR on 7/19/2013
C.J. Wilson of LAA had 10 strikeouts against OAK on 7/19/2013
Raul Ibanez of OAK struck out 4 times against LAA on 7/19/2013
Aaron Hicks of MIN robbed 3 hits against CLE on 7/20/2013
Hiroki Kuroda of TOR had 10 strikeouts against TBR on 7/21/2013
Andrew Albers of MIN had 11 strikeouts against CLE on 7/21/2013


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