World Series 2012 Newsletter

When is a 4-game sweep a nail-biting, tense event?  When 3 of the games are 1-run contests, and the total margin of victory across 4 games is 6 runs.  Speaking of going down fighting, game 4 took 15 innings, and both starters got knocked out by the 4th inning…Pablo Sandoval, Angel property in the ASFBL, demonstrated his world series competence with 5 hits on 11-10….Game 3 was a 3-2 pitching duel, with Weaver beating Gonzalez…Trout hit .474 with 3 HR…Choo hit .545…RA Dickey  grabbed another post-season win.

Congrats to Andy, who’s made the playoffs in all of his 3 ASFBL seasons, and made his first World Series appearance this year…on a personal note, I’d like to say he handled more than one dicey situation with a lot of class, and has a sharp eye that keeps me aware of details…he’s also finished in positive WOR territory all 3 years..excellent year, Andy!

Our champion, Greg Acthen, is a 6-time playoff veteran and made it to the LCS in 2007…and how many more accolades do you need when you win it all?  Hats off to Greg, who had the best season of all!

Thanks to everyone in the league, and especially to Leo, for another great year!


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