Newsletter for games through 7/10/2011

COMMENTS: Houston charged into the all-star break with a 6-1 push, best in the NL, while claiming first place in the NL Central…Boston was the big mover in the AL, gaining ground with a7-0 week even as the Yankees went 5-2…Houston has a commanding +22 WOR…The WhiteSox gained a game back in the AL central, meaning the Tribe lead the division by only a half a game at the break…The Giants stumbled a bit, posting a losing week, but still have the largest divisional lead at the midpoint…The top 4 offenses in the league in runs scored (Boston, SF, Texas, Houston) all lead their divisions…Philly and Atlanta rank 1st and 3rd in ASFBL team fantasy pitching, bad news for the rest of the NL East…No joke: Kevin Youkilis had 20 RBI last week; makes you wonder who was left on base for David Ortiz, who had 10…Kelly Johnson of Arizona knocked in 8 last week while striking out 8 times; Josh Reddick of Boston had 11 RBI and 11 K….Jacoby Ellsbury of SF stole 8 bases…Cliff Lee had 17 shutout innings in fantasy last week…The Angels have the best team defense; Texas is 30th…should make an interesting run in the AL West…


Tommy Hanson of ATL had 12 strikeouts against COL on 7/4/2011
Dan Haren of LAA had 12 strikeouts against DET on 7/4/2011
Justin Verlander of DET had 14 strikeouts against LAA on 7/4/2011
Scott Baker of MIN had 14 strikeouts against TBR on 7/5/2011
Tsuyoshi Nishioka of MIN struck out 4 times against TBR on 7/6/2011
Cody Ransom of ARI struck out 4 times against MIL on 7/6/2011
Brian McCann of ATL had 6 RBI against COL on 7/6/2011
Robinson Cano of NYY hit 3 home runs against TBR on 7/7/2011
Carlos Peguero of SEA struck out 4 times against LAA on 7/8/2011
Randy Flores of SDP had 13 strikeouts against LAD on 7/9/2011
Clint Barmes of TBR robbed 3 hits against NYY on 7/10/2011
J.J. Hardy of BAL struck out 4 times against BOS on 7/10/2011
Colby Lewis of TEX had 12 strikeouts against OAK on 7/10/2011
Kurt Suzuki of OAK struck out 4 times against TEX on 7/10/2011

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