Newsletter for 8-1-2010

Comments: There were an amazing 30 trades since last week, which has to be our busiest final trading week ever…Washington seized control of the NL east…Houston nudged to the front of the NL Central pack, but only by half a game, and 4 teams remain within 2.5 games of the divisional lead…Colorado went 6-1 but only gained a half game on SF…Arizona pulled off a big trade deadline deal and went 5-1…Baltimore has the misfortune of being stuck in the toughest division ever, but is the only team in the AL east with a positive WOR…The Yankees turned a 6-1 record into a tie for first in the AL East…The Angels would be in first in the AL west if not for Seattle’s incredible +24 WOR…Jason Repko of MIN had 6 RBI against KCR on 7/26/2010…Danny Valencia of MIN had 5 hits against KCR on 7/26/2010
Roy Halladay of PHI had 15 strikeouts against ARI on 7/27/2010…Yuniesky Betancourt of KCR robbed 3 hits against MIN on 7/27/2010…Matt Holliday of SEA robbed 3 hits against CWS on 7/27/2010…Delmon Young of MIN had 5 hits against KCR on 7/28/2010…Alexei Ramirez of NYY robbed 3 hits against CLE on 7/29/2010…Rajai Davis of OAK had 5 hits against CWS on 7/30/2010…Justin Morneau is 6th in the ASFBL with 82 RBI, but did it in about a hundred fewer AB than the 5 guys in front of him…Ian Stewart of Colorado scored 5 runs last week…on 5 HR…Matsuzaka allowed 13 hits in 13 IP last week, nothing to write home about, but struck out 14 and posted a 1.35 ERA on the week…

Announcements: Trades must now be submitted to me via email.  I’ll post them in this newsletter, and any team who wants can claim players and block the trade.

July is behind us…we are entering the quintessential Dog Days with 2 months left in the season…28 lineups turned in this week…Thanks to everyone for their interest!

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