Newsletter for games through 7/26/2010

Reminders: Our trade deadline will be 8/3, the day lineups are due.  Trades after that need to be emailed to me and must pass through waivers.  Please review the rules page if you want to make trades after that deadline.  While we expect a flurry of trades, and a valid strategy is to change over your roster entirely to try to mix things up, there are obvious problems if two owners agree to send all the good players to one team (like the 1899 Cleveland Spiders did), especially with prize money up for grabs.  So, just make sure that the trade is defensible and the players are of roughly equal value.

Comments: The Angels refuse to let Seattle run away with the AL West, even if they are going to run away with the WOR title…The Mariners were 5-2, but the Angels were 5-1…Atlanta and Washington crept up on the Marlins, and the Mets valiantly move toward .500…The NL central is a race for the ages, with 4 teams within 1 game of each other…Mark Teixeira of STL hit 4 home runs against PHI on 7/19/2010…Ryan Howard of ATL had 7 RBI against SDP on 7/22/2010…Cliff Lee of SFG had 13 strikeouts against ARI on 7/25/2010Angel Pagan of LAA robbed 3 hits against NYY on 7/20/2010…Rickie Weeks of MIL hit 3 home runs against PIT on 7/22/2010…Ramon Santiago of DET robbed 3 hits against TOR on 7/24/2010…Ryan Howard had an obscene 16 RBI last week…Prince Fielder had 13…Josh Johnson logged 21 strikeouts; Gallardo had 19…Felix Hernandez pitched 2 CG shutouts…Joey Votto hit .536…The power ratings are imperfect measured, but the Dodgers are interesting sleepers down the stretch, and are in the top-7 in all real power ratings stats…

Another active week, with 10 trades coming in at the lineup deadline…thanks to all for one of the most engaged seasons in recent memory!

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