Newsletter for games through 7-18

Welcome Brent Bracamontes to the league; he’ll be handling duties for the Rangers for the rest of the year.  He’s now listed on the owners page, where you can find his email. Brent is a grad student at CSU, Fullerton, his Dad is a former minor-league pitcher you can find on, and Brent is an all-around good guy who knows some baseball.

Trade deadline:   Trades accepted through August 2, which will nicely cover games through 7/31.  After that, the waiver trade rules apply.  I’ll review those rules when the deadline gets here, but the trades can be blocked by any of your opponents and there’s a 2-week turnaround, so any major moves are best made before 8/2.

Comments (will be brief due to a time crunch today): Congrats to the Cubs, who turned a 4-0 week into first place in the central…Jeanine Congalton will NOT retire from ASFBL next year…Houston was also 3-0, and is lurking at 4th place in WOR…There were 8 trades last week….Travis Snider of HOU was easily the player of the week, hitting .583 with 9 RBI in those 3 games…Atlanta is 2 games under .500, but their real numbers put them in the top of the power ratings…it adds up to a team that can make a serious second-half run…Felix Hernandez (SEA), CC Sabathia (NYY), and Edison Volquez (CIN) each had 12-K games….Strasburg shamed them with a 15-K game…Scott Podsednik of KCR robbed 3 hits against OAK on 7/16/2010…Jimmy Rollins of PHI robbed 3 hits against CHC on 7/18/2010…take a moment to check out your weekly stats pages, and maybe the players of the week….

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  1. Rick Wynne

    Jon, I assume the August 2nd trade deadline is a typo since August 2nd is a Monday. Can we assume that it will be Tuesday August 3rd ?

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