Newsletter for game through 7-11-2010

As you probably noticed, the left-sidebar of the main page has been updated.  The main change is that the login page appears, saving you one more click…

Watch out for Houston; they have completed re-tooled, are already +6 WOR, and are only a game and a half out in the NL Central…good first half work by Jeanine Congalton, who has the ASFBL Cubs 3 games ahead of their actual counterpart…The best work in the first half has to go to Adam of Seattle, +15 WOR and in first place in the AL West…The Dodgers put together the only undefeated week, while Milwaukee made a move in the NL central…David Price (still of TB) and Vicente Padilla (still of the LAD) each had 14-strikeout games, a feat that would have seemed even more impressive had Strasburg not done it twice…Adrian Gonzalez did it with the glove as well as the stick this week, robbing 3 hits against Washington on 7/7…Josh Hamilton and Kevin Youkilis (now of SEA) each had 6-RBI games this week…Jose Guillen of KCR had 5 hits against SEA on 7/7/2010…Carlos Gonzales (ATL) had 5 HR and 11 RBI…Shelley Duncan (CLE) wins the Rob Deer Memorial award for the week, hitting 5 HR but only for 7 RBI while striking out 11 times..Jimenez had a 10:1 strikeout to walk ratio last week…In his post game interview at the All-Star game Jimenez said that he felt nervous; how do you think the batters felt?…The AL East is the powerhouse division, but the Twins and Tigers are 1st and 3rd in runs scored…Atlanta has the best team real-ERA…

Being from Southern California and not an especially active baseball fan, my wife thought that the fighter-jet flyover at Anaheim Stadium was an earthquake…it certainly was loud.

We’ll do the regular schedule for Monday, and just play the short week next week…

Thanks to all for a terrific first half – as Johnny Mac pointed out, we’ve passed 100 trades (and might be gaining momentum) and never get fewer than 26 lineups a week!


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