ASFBL Home Run Derby

Played only 4 miles down the 57 freeway from Anaheim stadium, the ASFBL HR derby featured the top 8 fantasy HR leaders against the 4 pitchers who have allowed the most fantasy HR.  Batters got 100 hits per round.

ROUND 1: John Buck pulls off the only lower-seed victory against Robinson Cano, who was obviously struggling with his rib injury

Paul Konerko (SF) 36, Miguel Cabrera (DET) 33 off of Matt Torra

Mark Reynolds (NYM) 42, Alex Gonzalez (TOR) 33 off Nate Bump

John Buck (TOR) 13, Robinson Cano (NYY) 7 off David Huff

Ty Wiggington (BAL) 22, Adrian Gonzalez 17 off Cole Hamels

ROUND 2:Both lower seeds advance (4th and 6th) and totals rise as David Huff is removed from the pitching equation

Reynolds 35, Konerko 24 off Torra

Buck 26, Wiggington 20 off Bump

ROUND 3: Torra, who hadn’t allowed fewer than 24 HR in the first 2 rounds, held Reynolds to 21 and JOHN BUCK emerged as the champion.  The ASFBL donated the entire 543 cent prize money to the Boys and Girls club.

Buck 24, Reynolds 21 off Torra


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