Newsletter for games through 6/13/2010

The Cubs are hearing footsteps in the central, with Milwaukee and St. Louis posting  big weeks….but kudos to Jeanine Congalton for keeping the team in first longer than Pinella could, and don’t count them out yet…The Mets and Braves are 1st and 2nd in the real NL East, but last and second-to-last in the ASFBL, but both posted strong winning weeks; the division is wide open…Tampa Bay is on an unholy tear, but probably can’t finish the season playing .746 ball, and the Yanks and Bosox each crept up this week…Detroit posted the only perfect week…The Nats won both of Strasburg’s starts; just like reality, his first game was a CG and he left earlier in the second…Jon Lester of BOS had 13 strikeouts against CLE on 6/8/2010, the highest K total of the week…Colby Rasmus of STL stole 4 bases against ARI on 6/12/2010…Jeremy Reed of TOR robbed 3 hits against COL on 6/13/2010…Johnny Damon of DET had 6 RBI against PIT on 6/12/2010…The Yankees team ASFBL average on the year is .297…The Cubs have the best real team batting average in the ASFBL.

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