Newsletter for games through 6-6-2010

What an active week!  27 lineups were submitted and 12 trades were completed involving over 14 teams…Detroit, the most active trader of the week, went 7-0…Just behind were Tampa Bay and San Francisco at 6-0…Boston, the Angels, and San Diego all had big weeks, seeking to move up from the middle…Three of our divisional races are 3 games or closer…As the actual Orioles fade, the ASFBL team continues to post strong WOR numbers…The best hitter for the Mets last week was R. A. Dickey…I think I’ve said this before, but the two 2 teams in fantasy ERA are SF and SD, slugging it out in the NL west…Philly has allowed the fewest ASFBL walks, with 116 in 504 innings…They also have the fewest misplays and errors…The Rays, however, have the most robbed hits with 99…The scary thing about Minnesota isn’t that they lead the ASFBL with a .276 team average, it’s that they also lead the ASFBL with 297 walks…The NL leader is Cincinnati with 255…Pittsburgh and Colorado are the teams with pitching most due to adjust up.

FEATS AND FAILURES:  Adam Wainwright of BOS had 13 strikeouts against OAK on 6/1/2010, and 11 in his next start against Baltimore…Mark Reynolds of ATL struck out 4 times against PHI on 6/1/2010…Pablo Sandoval of NYM robbed 3 hits against FLA on 6/5/2010…Dan Johnson of TBR had 6 RBI against TEX on 6/5/2010…Miguel Olivo of COL hit 3 home runs against ARI on 6/6/2010

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